Rafael Morgan

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Wily Lamp

The Wily lamp is a revamped version of the classic table lamp.

At first, it looks quite like a regular table lamp, but its smart hidden articulated body allows it to surprisingly double its function as a very cool and effective desk or reading lamp.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Rafael Morgan Studio (Brazil)
Inspired By: classic table lamp
Material: metal



The Mr.Lamp floor lamp doubles its functions by also working as a very cool, and full of character, coat rack. It will look different everyday, which makes it a true reflection of its owner´s lifestyle. To sum up, it´s a lamp that really looks like you!

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Rafael Morgan Studio (Brazil)
Inspired By: lamp+coat rack
Material: metal+plastic
Colours: black, white, yellow
Price: under request


ZEN armchair

The Zen armchair is inspired by the synthesized silhouette of a meditating monk, reducing the lines which defines his shape to the very minimum, while still preserving the formal characteristics that resemble the beautiful contour of a person in a meditation stance.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: looking for reliable manufacturer (Brazil)
Inspired By: a meditating monk
Material: powder coated aluminum seat and steel structure
Colours: any
Dimension: request designer


Symbiosis Lamp

The Symbiosis lamp has an internal spring action mechanism that allows it to functionally adapt to most kind of cylindrical recipients and objects. Covered by an elastic fabric cap, it also adapts aesthetically to those objects, creating a relationship between them.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Inspired By: Biology
Material: plastic, metal, fabric
Colours: white


Frame - U.D.O Collection

The Frame can be a coat hanger, a bookshelf, a wardrobe or you can just throw things on it. Its basic function depends on how you weave the rope and the possibilities are endless! If you´re like me, and like to throw your clothes anywhere but the closet, this might be the ultimate solution to get rid of those piles of clothes covering your bedroom´s chairs.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Material: Wood, elastic rope


Mirror, mirror...

There would be no wars without our consent. There would be no inequality without our consent. Vanity, greed and all other selfish feelings are the real weapons of mass destruction. However, solidarity, altruism, generosity and hope are also weapons that can be used for good.
We are all weapons. You just have to decide which kind you are.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Rafael Morgan Studio (Brazil)
Inspired By: truth
Material: laser cut reflective acrilic
Dimension: 125x70cm
Price: U$4.870,00


Cool green light switches

Rotative light switch designs that could graphically represent energy waste using common positive/negative symbols. These symbols, besides being cool, can give us a quite good visual feedback and psychologically reinforce our notions of energy saving.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Rafael Morgan Industrial and Product Design (Brazil)
Inspired By: Symbols
Material: Plastic
Colours: Green


Peppy, penny bank.

With Peppy, you will increase your muscles, and your bank account!
This is the only dumbbell in the world that will help you to save money, and, in fact, will pay itself in the end. And it´s the only penny bank in the world that will make you healthier and wealthier!
This silicone coated penny bank is supposed to come in five vivid colors, each one representing a different poundage, and of course, it will also be available in classic white.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: (Brazil)
Inspired By: Dumbbells and Gyms
Material: Silicone coated ceramics
Colours: several


Insane Comb

Yeah! The Insane comb is ridiculously, well...Insane! Only crazy people would have the guts to walk around with one of those, in these days of pathological fear and latent terror! Don´t go comb your hair with one of those in the subways or any other public place. You might cause generalized panic!
Combing your hair was never so potentially dangerous and exiting before! Haha!
Copyright © Rafael Morgan. All rights reserved.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Rafael Morgan Studio (Brazil)
Inspired By: sarcasm and irony, as always.
Material: plastic
Colours: black/yellow


FASTFOOD - fruit bowl

Fruits are the fastest food ever! So, fruits+fast food package = cool fruit bowl!

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Inspired By: life
Material: recicled plastic
Colours: red, yellow


Cutlery Toolkit

I always loved the way tools are displayed in old garages and hardware shops, you know, it´s so graphical! Those silhouettes have always fascinated me!
I´m just trying to bring more fun and surprise to the kitchen, which is already a great place to have a good time with friends and family.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Inspired By: Grandpa´s tool board
Material: wood


Top Secret

This furniture collection is called Top Secret, and it literally translates this expression indeed.
The top drawer of the furniture is equipped with a numeric locking system, just like a regular safe, so you can keep your most secret and precious belongings like books, documents, rare bootlegs cds, stamps collection or whatever the heck you want , there, safe from curious hands!

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)



A playful toothpick holder design, designed by me and managed by my friends and partners from Studio Mango.
A couple of months ago, I received a brief, asking if I could design a few animal inspired tableware designs...So I did it.
Just pick your pine, porcupine!
It´s currently being produced and sold by SUCK UK.
This design is made from food grade silicone rubber.

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: SUCK UK (United Kingdom)


Don´t Panic condom dispenser

You guys must have heard about panic buttons, right?
You´re supposed to hit them when you just don´t know what to do!
In this particular case, I designed a Don´t Panic button, for those moments you need someone to tell you to relax and do the right thing. This condom dispenser is ideal to put beside the bed, in the bathroom or even inside the car. Just remember to do the right thing! Don´t panic! Go get yourself a condom and be happy!

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)
Manufacturer: VIRA Design (Brazil)


Fletcha side table

The Fletcha side table is so cool and funny! It allows you to point it up or down and you can use it in three different positions, so you will never get used to it!

Designer: Rafael Morgan (Brazil)



Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Industrial Design, Art Direction, 3-D Modeling





Check out my website for further information about me and my work!



Rua Miranda Ribeiro 255, Bairro Vila Paris
30.380-660 Belo Horizonte

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