Reinier de Jong

Rotterdam, Netherlands


DEX desk

DEX is a refined, compact en minimalist desk. The frame consists of two horizontal cross shapes of solid wooden slats and a drawer unit. The frame has a minimal presence around the seat so one doesn't hit a corner leg when turning away on a desk chair. The drawer unit has two or three drawers. They can be pulled out entirely to provide a place for a printer which one can control from the seat.

Designer: Reinier de Jong (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Reinier de Jong Design (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Minimalism, materials, colours, Dieter Rams
Material: oak wood, aluminium, HPL
Colours: white, black, pink, yellow, blue
Dimension: 120 cm, 60 cm, 72 cm
Price: on request


PLET low table

PLET table consists entirely of waste materials. Eighty different strips of reclaimed Perspex (PMMA) make up the translucent top which appears to be hovering above the solid oak wood base. The oak wood comes from a former dining table top. The Perspex strips which make up the top have different thicknesses, colours and transparencies and making each PLET table unique and playing beautifully with the light.

Designer: Reinier de Jong (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Reinier de Jong Design (Netherlands)
Inspired By: reclaimed materials
Material: PMMA (plexiglas/perspex) & oak wood
Colours: various
Dimension: 60 cm x 60 cm x 18 cm
Price: on request


VOLT table

VOLT is a table with an integration of legs and table top. Faceted surfaces and at the same time a fluid, continuous shape. Dynamic and at the same time minimal. A table with a form that seems impossible like an Escher drawing. It continues to fascinate due to its elusive appearance.

Designer: Reinier de Jong (Netherlands)
Dimension: 220x100x75cm


TAPS chair

The structure is slightly tapered and tilted towards the sides. The upholstery retains its necessary thickness in the middle part for comfort but has a much thinner edge resulting in a refined silhouette.
The legs are also slightly tilted inwards which increases structural
strength and thus allows the wooden parts to be subtly dimensioned.
To get TAPS in production you can vote at:

Designer: Reinier de Jong (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Odesi (Netherlands)
Inspired By: refinement vs robustness
Material: wood
Colours: wood/white
Dimension: height: 820mm; depth: 580mm; width: 430mm;



REK is a bookcase that grows with your book collection. The more books
the bigger the bookcase. The zigzag shaped parts slide in or out to
accomodate books in the resulting voids. Regardless of the quantity of
books REK will always be full. Also the books can be arranged according to their size. The narrow spaces are excellent for magazines.

Designer: Reinier de Jong (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Bom Interieurs (Netherlands)



The VAST chair is simple and beautiful. It consists of two interlocking elements: A plywood panel and an aluminium plate with a layer of foam on top. No screws, no
glue, no bolts. The two elements just smoothly slide in and out anytime. It's easy to assemble, easy to transport.

Designer: Reinier de Jong (Netherlands)



Rotterdam, Netherlands






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