Rodrigo Alonso

Santiago, Chile


100% Recycled plastic furniture

Plastic waste obtained from electronic devices, toys, drink trays, stadium seats, etc, etc. is used in very few end products due to the complexity of separating the various categories, leading only to generate poorly esthetic products. The Rotomoulded technique, with its beauty and simplicity, allows this to take over, transforming the result in a different, identifiable real object.
This language is increasingly requested and welcomed around the world: reuse and sustainability. Recycling.

Designer: Rodrigo Alonso Schramm (Chile)
Manufacturer: Fahneu (Chile)
Material: Plastic waste
Colours: Depends on the colour of the plastic waste available at the moment



Modulair is a collection of lights created from the combination of 4 different inflatable modules, developed so that they acquire three-dimensional shapes thanks to the union and combination of these modules, and including light on any of its sides converts them into a wonderful lighting piece.
Personalize, assemble it yourself, arm-disarm and create again a different final piece, along with the own lightness perceived in each armed object, is the concept of Modulair.

Designer: Rodrigo Alonso (Chile)
Manufacturer: MUSUC (Chile)



The thermoforming commonly used as a product container that once opened its rejected as trash, now is the container and content at the same time. Blightster is a thermoformed container that by simply attaching the content, an electric connector its transformed from a container to a beautiful lighting piece, that may be used as a ceiling lamp as well as a table top one.

Blightsterlamp is a product which incorporates the product packaging in the final design of the product, reducing waste to a minimum - and still looking cool to boot. They are not used containers. The idea is do not throw the packaging to the trash, because the product IS the packaging.

A simple technique that converts this piece into a low cost decorative object

Designer: Rodrigo Alonso (Chile)
Manufacturer: MUSUC (Chile)


N+EW light by Rodrigo Alonso

N+EW Light is the continuation of my investigation in the use of e-waste materials for interior and exterior design. In Chile and several countries of Latin America, policies on recycling and reuse of non biodegradable materials aren't a habit nor law. Therefor, it is absolutely necessary to search for other use and possible solutions to return this material gladly to our homes, gardens or exteriors, creating a durable piece which allows the use of different dense plastics, no matter its weight, color, form, final price nor brand. This creation is a beautiful object due to its extreme honesty and perfect randomness. Almost an example where error transforms itself in the final search and perfection. N+EW light is is produced by rotomolding, where low density plastic is mixed with the plastic of the crushed electronic waste shaping an irreverent diffuser molded in an also recycled iron matrix. Its base is produced with smelted aluminum of beer and drink tins amongst others. Together they form this 32 x 32 x 32 cm piece.

Designer: Rodrigo Alonso Made in Chile



Selk bag

Selk’bag is a sleeping system which allows to dress with your sleeping bag, giving a maximum mobility and comfort in periods of rest in a tent or outside it: Separate, move and join arms and legs; Roll with your Selk’bag, not in it; Stand without any trouble, walk, cross your legs and even grab certain elements totally with your Selk’bag



Santiago, Chile






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