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Saihol Yuen

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Sleeping Rosy

Sleeping Rosy is inspired by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s fairytale ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The elegance from the magical tray to protect a single rose in this fairytale lead me to this beautiful idea.
The concept was to create a vase for a single rose displaying in an unusual way. It is made out of laser cutted acrylic perspex and wrapped by a leather cord with a glass tube in the middle to put in a rose.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Studio SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Beauty and the Beast
Material: Acrylic Perspex, Glass, Leahter cord
Colours: Transparant, brown
Dimension: 131x142x142 mm
Price: 35,- incl. VAT


Mesdemoiselles Coquin

“All interior has a feminine side. Spaces are sometimes left naked, what I think is not respectful. Treat it with a touch of sensuality to give the naked clothing."

Mesdemoiselles coquin is a knotty lamp inspired by love of bondage and lingerie characteristics. Interiors could be more interesting with a bit of excitement. He tries to remind people that an interior could be attractive and seductive. This lamp not only expresses sensuality but also a glamorous side.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Studio SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: The beauty Lingerie and Bondage
Material: lacquered MDF, Rope
Colours: Red, White
Dimension: 45 x 45 x 100 cm


Petite China

A small teacup inspired by the beauty and softness of female breasts. The beautiful shape of this la petite femme is something you want to protect while having hot and steaming fun.
This teacup is made from porcelain and the shape resembles the soft touch of the beautiful form of a lady while having a nice hot tea session.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Looking for a Manufacturer
Inspired By: the beautiful form and soft touch of female breasts.
Material: porcelain
Colours: light jade green



Lamp that is framed.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Framing the sun with hands
Material: mdf
Dimension: 30 x 45 x 46


Pezzo di Culo

A concept chair which has 3 cushions to support your butt. It observes the glorious view of your behind.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Ass observing
Material: Chromed Metal, Wooven Fabric, Foam upholstry
Colours: Red, Shiney Black



Lamps are generally placed in the space and it stay there exposed. You cannot put away it as books or other objects. This is a cupboard where a LED lamp is hidden. If not used you close the cupboard. By day you'll have a minimalistic cupboard and a nice detail to your wall. In the evening you open this cupboard and you create sphere with the flat LED lamp.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Frames
Material: wood, LEDS, Plexiglass
Colours: brown
Dimension: 20x30x3 cm



Frame is made from wood based on the classic outline of the lamp.

Designer: SaiHol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: The basic outlines of the classic lamp
Material: wood


Soap dropper

A soap dispenser with a sensual shape. Liquid soap comes in place and the object blends in with the interior of the bathroom.

Designer: sai hol yuen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: sai hol yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Balance
Material: porcelain
Colours: white
Dimension: 12x20


Blended Stool

What if form, material or objects do have souls, can think, feel or have emotions? How does the | Kama Sutra | in the world of objects looks like?
In my imagination the up scaled dildo is falling in love with the red and shiny cushion. How will the sex life from these two objects be?
What are they actually doing? The dildo is having a steamy affair with the cushion. It’s penetrating it! This is also position one from the Kama sutra in the world of objects.

Designer: Saihol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Sexual behavior: Penetrating
Material: oak wood, latex, foam upholstery
Colours: red, black, silver
Dimension: 35x55
Price: 900 ex



Rotterdam, Netherlands


Industrial Design, Interior Design, 3-D Modeling


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Willem de Kooning Academie 2003
Hogeschool v.d. Kunsten 2011


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