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Sanitov Cargo-Bicycle

Sanitov Bicycles produce intelligent and sustainable solutions to subjects relating to urbanity and movement. Our mission is to provide mobility to the urban dweller at low costs for the health, the “ heart “and the environment. Sanitov exclusively develops theories and artifacts, which contribute to improving our urban environment both aesthetically and in terms of performance. Our vision is to make the urban everyday easier and more sustainable in creating innovative design solutions that might, in turn, shape the future city. We have currently developed a design concept for a cargo-bicycle, which can accommodate the needs of urban dwellers.
The Sanitov CB (cargo bicycle), is the product of a cultural meeting between traditional Chinese bicycle design and the functionalistic, Danish design approach. The Bicycle is of a traditional Chinese cargo-bicycle infused with the latest technological Know-how and Scandinavian minimalism.
The Sanitov CB is sophisticated built from the best materials we can find. The Design includes, matching full leather handles and saddle, high quality stainless steel and aluminum frames and rack, a world innovative GPS Tracker-system and a battery-driven engine. The built-in battery-driven engine facilitates the function when going over long distances or when transporting heavy goods; a supplement ensuring the convenience and usability of the bicycle in all situations.
Sanitov is the first company to introduce a GPS-Tracker as standard equipment in our cargo-bicycles. The GPS tracker-system has been integrated to facilitate the tracking of personal data’s and to insure the security of the cargo-bicycle, should it get lost or stolen. The personal data’s can be used to, generate info of time use, distances and mapping in real-time, to calculate estimated values of how many calories they have burnt and lastly to track of the average contribution the user have made reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. What this ultimately yields is a product suitable for the 21st century urban living.

Designer: Alexander Hamilton Høst & Marcus Hannibal Madsen (United Kingdom)



London, United Kingdom





United Kingdom

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