Sergio Mannino Studio

New York, United States


Made in Brooklyn

The Battery Conservancy and NYC Parks invited designers and artists from around the world to submit their design for the new Battery Park Chairs.
Sergio Mannino Studio accepted the challenge and designed a metal chair that could be easily fabricated within a few miles from the park.

Designer: Sergio Mannino (United States)


Luminitsa lamp

The bulbs are suspended along a vector by whimsical woven cords that casually hang light within the frame. This glow is contained and directed by carefully tailored fabric panels.

Designer: Sergio Mannino, Francesca Scalettaris (Italy)
Manufacturer: Sergio Mannino Studio (United States)
Inspired By: the spirit and energy found among nomadic caravans.
Material: lacquered wood, fabric panels, textile cable, light bulbs
Dimension: 72 x 30x 32 High (183x76x81cm)


Luminitsa Lamp @ MEET MY PROJECT Milan

The latest colorful creation by Sergio Mannino Studio is a festive chandelier crafted from lacquered wood, fabric panels, and textile cable.

This Gypsy name, Luminitsa, is derived from the Romanian “lumina” and combined with a diminutive suffix; together meaning 'little light'. Luminitsa is a fanciful gathering of distinct pieces eliciting the spirit and energy found among nomadic caravans.

Designer: Sergio Mannino Studio (United States)
Material: lacquered wood, fabrics
Dimension: 180, 55, 40


Vince Camuto

The recently opened Vince Camuto concept stores were derived from the visions of Sergio Mannino, Italian Architect with Studio in New York, and Vince Camuto.
Through the majestic windows, product appears framed in sharp geometric displays; grand yet warm, incorporating a freestanding chrome ottoman bench and other domestic objects to give the store a sophisticated and comfortable feel.

Photo: Bolzonella Inc.

Designer: Sergio Mannino Studio (United States)
Manufacturer: (China)



New York, United States


Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design





45 Main Street suite 546 Brooklyn
11201 New York
United States

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