Shinobu Koizumi

Tokyo, Japan


snowball weight

One of the never melt "winter memories" collection.
It can be paperweight because this snow never melt and wet.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: paperweight (Japan)
Material: salt, epoxy resin, polystyrene, metal weight
Colours: white
Dimension: W60xD60xH60


snowman vase

One of the never melt "winter memories" collection.
This desktop snowman can be put flower and pen into it instead of arms.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: pen stand / vase (Japan)
Material: salt, epoxy resin, polystyrene, test tube
Colours: white
Dimension: W120xD120xH200


snow covered table

One of the never melt "winter memories" collection. Snow piled up on the table is a cover. It can contains some articles.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: storage / table (Japan)
Material: salt, epoxy resin, polystyrene, wood
Colours: white / black
Dimension: W310xD310xH955 (730)



A coffee table is made of sand in hourglass fixed in the ambiance without a case.
Time stops while taking a short breath to drink coffee.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: coffee table (Japan)
Inspired By: hourglass
Material: sand, epoxy resin,polystyrene, acrylic, wood
Colours: blue
Dimension: DIA450xH735



Everything on this world will be decaying with a long time whatever it is strong.
But the time is so long that it seems immortal forever.
"eternal" is a stone chair which has embedded clocks with only second hand to visualize the invisible "elapsed time", as decoration. 16 second hands keeps on ticking to deny "eternity".

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: chair (Japan)
Inspired By: the Tohoku Earthquake
Material: granite, epoxy resin, polystyrene, clock
Colours: grey
Dimension: W520xD740xH750(SH390)


umbrella in reed

Umbrellas are put into many ABS stems like reed, as its stand. The pliant stems holds umbrellas tight, and raindrops trickle down stems and gathers in a tray, becomes a pond.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: umbrella stand (Japan)
Inspired By: reed
Material: ABS pipe, polished stainless steel
Colours: white / polish
Dimension: W720xD150xH510


CD on strings

A rack of CD on the strings stretched tight.
Shelves and dividers are so thin that looks like floating CD in the air. There is no back in the frame, so it can be used both sides, and also play a role of partition.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: CD rack (Japan)
Material: birch, steel, steel strings, nylon strings
Dimension: W1280xD450xH1600


power for brain

A demitasse cup has a grip formed into wind-up.
The movement of drinking espresso is same as winding up brain to charge power and refreshing.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: demitasse cup & saucer (Japan)
Material: white porcelain, platinum coating
Dimension: W91xD64xH58(cup), φ130xH15(saucer)


bagworm light

Many stickies attached on the clear glass becomes a lampshade, just like bagworm making its bag with leaves and twigs.
Users can make various lampshades freely from various stickies and ways of attachment.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: light (Japan)
Inspired By: bagworm
Material: chromium plating steel, glass, sticky
Dimension: W500xD350xH1710


light in drawer

This is a light, which makes use of drawers. Lights are put away in many drawers. Of cause, it's possible to put articles away. Knobs are bases of electric bulbs. Boxes are made of frosted acrylics, so lights from back can penetrates, and reflected by front boards, as indirect illumination. Opening of drawers, get brighter and brighter.

Designer: Shinobu Koizumi (Japan)
Manufacturer: light (Japan)
Material: Itaya Kaede, steel, acrylic, base of electric bulb
Dimension: W1350xD400xH680



Tokyo, Japan


Interior Design, Industrial Design, Exhibition Design


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Qualified bachelor of design and fine arts at Tokyo Zokei University.
Joined a construction company and engaged in designing of shop space.
After retired,
founded Shinobu Koizumi Design Office.

The most important factor for me is what people experience by design, rather than processing shapes and colors.
I proposes new experiences by form of spaces, furniture, and products.


shop design for 12 years


Tokyo Zokei University


the Organic EL lighting design competition 2008 / Excellence Award


designboom (Italy), SHOTENKENCHIKU (Japan)


"Shinobu Koizumi~a gallery of some processed memories.~"(2011),
SICF 11 (2010)


"Shinobu Koizumi~a gallery of some processed memories.~"(2011)


Currently working at


Design is ...


Date of formation

January 18th to 20th, 2012



7-27-1-202 Takashimadaira,Itabashi-ku
175-0082 Tokyo

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