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Spoonfork 26

The new issue of Spoonfork, the Online Magazine for design and music, is online now. By visiting the french photographer Vincent Bousserez gives an insight into his Photoseries “Plastic Life”, Alice Wang presents “Chairs for the dysfunctional” and Special Guest Gail Armstrong from England shows her fascinating papersculptures.

Designer: Spoonfork Online Magazine (Germany)


Spoonfork 20

From the 20th issue on Spoonfork Online Magazine is going to be published every month. In the October Issue the magazine presents two hit Band-Tipps with mp3-downloads, Sofas from Engalnd, artificially burned Furniture from the Netherlands and the amazing film “Fische und Schiffe” (Fish and Ships) by Axel Brötje in full length in the magazine.

Furthermore in No. 20 people can participate in a satire action and tell the world on what they would spend their little millions.

Designer: Spoonfork (Germany)


Spoonfork issue 18 now online

Spoonfork, the online magazine for Design an Music, goes into the 18th lap. Since June 8th you can visit the new issue with fresh Design-Highlights and nice Gimmicks like “Kick it like Heidrun,” the special contribute to the European Soccer Championship. Furthermore Spoonfork offers a delicious Barbecue-Special and hip fashion with music from the legendary Cocoon Club. Also: New music by upcoming Bands with MP3 Downloads and fantastic Collages by our Special Guest Julien Pacaud from France.

Designer: Spoonfork


Spoonfork Magazine

The new issue of Spoonfork, the online magazine for design and music is now online. No. 14 offers several news: readers may watch some videos, for example an extraordinary animation of “Lichtfaktor” a young lightgraffiti-crew from cologne. But there’s not just new stuff for the eyes, there’s also something for the ears in a special feature about audio plays and audio books with streams and winnings. With Rooms you will find yourself in a High-Tech bus-stop and sheep Berti has sent us a message in a bottle. And if you like to be on the cover of Spoonfork 15, you just have to take part in our first Cover-Competition. Entries can be submitted till end of October, in November readers will vote online, which Cover will be published on the next issue.



Happy Birthday, Spoonfork

The Online Magazine for Design and Music is going on two. In August 2005 the first issue went online and now, twelve issues und uncountable pages later, it’s time to party: Rooms is celebrating a crazy Birthday-Party you can be part of. Prefering a more quiet way you can send pink balloons with congratulations or other messages. Be sure, we read every single one of them! The next Spoonfork will be online this sunday.


New issue: Spoonfork 8

Autumn is coming, Spoonfork 8 is already there. The new issue of Spoonfork, Online Magazine for Design and music, is now online. And No. 8 is full of news about design and music and nice gimmicks: smart Advice is in this issue given in a special Truth Hurts-Edition, you can do a Crème Brulee-Online-Test and find a brandnew rubric called Spoonfork Rooms. From now on in every issue there will be a different room, where people may take a look around and discover funny stuff from the net. In Spoonfork 8 it’s a student’s room. Also: illustrations and animations by Special Guest Jojo Ensslin, Fashion in a castle, a Design-Hotel-Special, a new MP3-Playlist, Screensaver an wallpapers for free download.



Happy Birthday Spoonfork!

Wishes Designspotter!!

The new Spoonfork No. Seven is now online:When one Year ago, on August 1st 2005, the first issue of the online magazine for design and music has gone online, it immediately became a great success. That’s the reason why we now offer private views inside Spoonforks everyday life and show some highlights of the last six issues – to be discovered on the “Spoonfork Birthday-Table”. Also the new Popsalon, illustrated by Jojo Ensslin, in a new style and with a new ensemble is ready to welcome its visitors. And, as always, new music and design, beautiful books, wallpaper, a weathermachine and the “cool advice” with cool tips for hot days.



*HOT* Spoonfork 6 is online

In addition to new trends in music and design the online magazine shows for the first time fashion-photos by Sabine Berlipp, Stylist, and Petra Fischer, Photographer, dealing with the Bikini-Summer 2006: „In the Jungle“ is illustrated by Jens Oliver Robbers and raises a real Jungle-Feeling by its animations. Furthermore readers may do their own paintings in the Spoonfork „painting book“-Gallery and the picture-reportage „Holidays on the balcony“ shows how to spend exciting holidays at home.Website


Spoonfork nomination Grimme Online Award


Spoonfork, the Online-Magazine for Music and Design, is one of the 22 Nominees, chosen by the Comission of the Adolf Grimme Institute. The renowned german Online-Price will be awarded for the sixth time to websites with a high and very special quality in content and form. The winners will be announced on June 2nd during the award ceremony in cologne. In addition Intel sponsored a special price.

Internet-Users may vote for their favourite nominee at this link below...



Spoonfork No. 5

Since April 1st the new issue of the Spoonfork Online Magazine for design and music is online. By visiting you can find the springlike book with many exciting topics in it.

For example: Red Five, a design project by Jens Oliver Robbers, an interview with Jazz-Singer Dayna Kurtz from New York, „Heisse Eisen“, four controversial flash clips by students of the HS Niederrhein, the new fashion-column „Style Galore“ and the Rug-Special „Am Boden“. Also you can find a new MP3-playlist, mouse-click-growing flowers, music, wallpaper and a screensaver for free-download.

The text is in German only.




Duisburg, Germany






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