Studio Mango

Etten-Leur, Netherlands


Ventilight, Ventilation and Lighting in 1

Ventilight offers a product range which combines ventilation and LED lighting in one beautiful integrated design. Especially for bathrooms it can be installed in most systems of the world by just replacing your current lamp or ventilator or even better: both.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Ventilight (China)
Material: Plastics, ceramics, metal
Colours: White, anthracite and blue
Dimension: 25 and 40 cm diameter
Price: Between 39,- and 169,-


Pebblestone Soul Trainer

The Pebblestone was developed as a token which can be carried around and whenever the user experiences a moment of gratitude (for example a hug from your kids) a small ritual can be performed with the Pebblestone to "register" the passed grateful moment. When the Pebblestone is placed on its docking station it adds all the grateful moments of that day to the total "score".

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Mojo Creations (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Mindfulness
Material: Plastics
Colours: White
Dimension: 10 x 10 x 5 cm
Price: 39,-


Kitty Kasa collection

The Kitty Kasa collection, a range of modules which can be stacked together (or stand free) to create a great habitat for cats to eat, sleep and play in. The modules now available are the Kitty Kasa bedroom (sleep nest), gym (scratch pole) and recreation (play), soon more modules will become available.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: ARNI Says (United States)
Material: LDPE
Colours: White, grey, brown and orange
Dimension: 40 x 40 x 35 cm
Price: $ 49,99


Erosion Door Handle

Recently she has chosen the erosion door handle designed by Studio Mango as the winner of an international design competition held in the name of Zaha Hadid The work of Zaha Hadid captures the eye, it looks like something from nature, something we can relate to but then again not.The only structures in nature where we also find these mesmerizing amazing and enormous variety of shapes are things which have been eroded.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: FOC (Netherlands)
Inspired By: The work of Zaha Hadid
Material: Alumide or Aluminum
Colours: Aluminum
Dimension: Regular door handle size
Price: 199


LygoLamp by Studio Mango

Play with your lamp!
Who doesn’t remember the colorful playing blocks from their youth, LEGO an abbreviation of Leg Godt (play good) was transformed by Studio Mango in Lygte Godt: LYGO.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Studio Mango BV (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Playing with LEGO
Material: ABS
Colours: White, Black, Red transparant, Purple transparant, Transparant,
Dimension: 50 cm diameter, height 20 cm
Price: 150,- to 180,- depending on country



After the enormous success of the Kitty Meow cat head pet bed we received inquiries from people from over 50 countries! Sales are going very well and requests came in if we had a design for dogs as well. We had to dissapoint many people but the success inspired us so we dove into some cartoon books and came up with a great whimsical design for Barkie. Comes with a loose nice soft cushion in a variation of fabrics.

Designer: Studio Mango BV (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Seahow Shanghai (China)
Inspired By: Cartoons
Material: PE rotation molded plastics and fabric
Colours: Black, white, grey and red
Dimension: 450 x 450 x 550 mm
Price: 80,- to 150,- depending on country & retailer


Pet planter

Most modern interiors do not really have a fitting place for those ugly pet beds you see most of the time, through integrating the pet bed in an item which many people do love to have in their homes a planter gave us the perfect solution. In the top any kind of plant, tree or cactus can be placed and underneath cats (or small dogs) can find a place to rest.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PetsInn (China)
Inspired By: Problems with existing pet beds
Material: PE plastics
Colours: White, Grey, Black, Red, Green
Dimension: 40 x 40 x 50 cm
Price: 100,- until 150,- depends on country


Kitty Meow

A cartoonesk cat bed for all those people who fancy to have something else then the boring old cat beds to enable some fun in their homes. Designed for PetsInn Shanghai and made out of PE plastics it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Cats can crawl inside but can also sleep on top of the head.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PetsInn (China)
Inspired By: Cartoons
Material: PE plastics
Colours: White, Grey, Black, Pink, Red
Dimension: 40 x 40 x 40 cm
Price: Between 70,- till 120,- depends on country.


Global Warming lamp

As a vivid reminder of the fact that still it is not too late but that we have to work really hard to prevent a global meltdown of planet earth we designed the Global Warming Lamp. A conversation piece of environmental awareness from Studio Mango.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Materialise (Belgium)
Inspired By: Global Warming
Material: Laser Sinthered Polyamide
Colours: Transparant Amber
Dimension: Diameter 15 cm
Price: 97,-


Bottle Neck

After giving a lecture about wine and design Studio mango was asked to create a new product line around the wine experience. After some research the result was that the best way to store bottles is in a 45 degree angle to keep the wine in good shape and help it age in the best way possible to get a full flavor. A perfect harmony of 45 degree lines which form a sculpture in which the necks of the wine bottles can be placed. One wine rack can hold 7 bottles or flowers.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Gutzz (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Best way to store wine
Material: Polished aluminium
Colours: High gloss shiny metal
Dimension: 30 x 50 x 15 cm
Price: 169,-


2gether ring

A ring as a sculpture which visualizes the love and connection of the 2 lovers for eternity. This popular model is now also available in silver.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Freedom of creation (FOC) (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Love
Material: Silver
Colours: Silver
Dimension: Different finger sizes
Price: 197,-


Origin Bracelet & necklace

Most designs start with a spark, a fragment of your imagination which shows you what this object you need to design can be. In the further process of sketching, detailing and prototyping this figment of your imaginations grows until it becomes a final product.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Materialise MGX (Belgium)
Inspired By: Life
Material: 3d printed polyamide
Colours: White
Dimension: 68.50 x 67.40 x 15.60 mm / 138.80 x 155.90 x 41.00 mm
Price: Bracelet 62,- / Necklace 103,30


2gether ring

A ring as a sculpture which visualizes the love and connection of the 2 lovers for eternity. Made out of 3d printed Laser Sintered Polyamide.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Freedom of creation (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Love
Material: Laser Sintered Polyamide (3d printed)
Colours: Black
Dimension: Diameter 17 mm (inner)
Price: 37,-


The Web

In nature the number 1 fly killer is the spider. Since we neither like spiders or flies in our house humans use the fly swatter to get rid of bugs inside the house. Fly swatter with a spider web as surface, one shot injection molded swatter.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Invotis Orange (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Spider webs
Material: Injection moulded plastic
Colours: Brown
Dimension: 480 x 165 mm
Price: 14,95


New Persian carpet collection

The Persian carpet is a product which has been around for centuries if not a millennium, a product with great tradition and heritage. Never the less its appeal has been decreasing, many young people consider it to be an object for granny´s house. So Studio Mango decided to grab the rug and update it to be ready for the year 2010 without losing touch of its original origin and heritage. A collection of 6 different models and sizes has been taken into production by Umbra.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Umbra (Canada)
Inspired By: Persian carpets
Material: Woven wool
Colours: See image
Dimension: 300 x 500 cm


Lava Collection

The Lava Collection, handmade ceramic vases and bowls.
The inspiration for this collection came from lava streams, when a volcano erupts these streams destroy everything in their path. But when the stone cools down it provides the most fertile ground and in no time it will be covered once again with all kinds of plants and flowers. It proves that beautiful things can come after destruction.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Gutzz (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Lava
Material: Glazed ceramics
Colours: Black
Dimension: Diameter 40 cm, Height 30 cm
Price: 200 euro


Credit Crisis Piggy Bank

With the whole world in economic crisis and banks toppling over, money seems to be locked down. Our Credit Crisis Piggy Bank depicts the struggle in which our modern economic system has worked itself. But in your house this caged piggy can keep your money truly safe, so no need to store your hard earned cash in a sock underneath your bed anymore. Available worldwide through PT from the beginning of 2009.

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PT (Netherlands)


Slim Candelabra

We have seen so many ugly and pompous candelabra's of late, we wanted to create the most simple and basic candelabra ever. So we basically took some pipes, stuck them together and a presto the slim candelabra was born. Slim referring to the sleek chrome plated body of the candelabra which seems to flow over in the actual candle and off course the Dutch meaning of the word Slim (Smart).

Designer: Studio Mango (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Presenttime (Netherlands)


TNTable by Studio Mango

A table that seems to be about to explode! When Pulpo requested for new designs in their sheet metal product range we didn't want to end up in the cliche of slapping some flowers and butterflies on the metal. We chose to take a different direction, create furniture which seems to be about to self destruct. Taking an iconic and old fashioned cartoonesc bomb gave a wonderfull 3d effect while flowing over the surface of the table. Made out of laser cut sheet metal with a powder coat finish.

Designer: Paul Hendrikx / Studio Mango Made in the Netherlands






Etten-Leur, Netherlands


Industrial Design, Design Management, Interior Design




Studio Mango

Studio Mango aims to create the most innovative and original products up to date. We are active in a wide field of products, from vases to boats and from radio's to chairs.


+ 5 years

Organizations & Network

Moooi, Umbra, Serax, Pulpo, Haans, Dark, Hala


Interior design award Dutch hospitality 2005-2007
Bright LED design award designboom (3d place)
Alessi design competition 2005 (top 10)
International glass design competion 2005 (3d place)




Kwadestraat 3
Paul Hendrikx
4871NH Etten-Leur

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