Torino, Italy



The seat is made by folding a single sheet that mimics the saddle of cowboys and invites you to ride it.

Designer: Studio 06 (Italy)
Manufacturer: Curti Metallo - Youtool (Italy)
Material: steel
Colours: red-yellow-white


El Sombrero table

El Sombrero is a coffee-table designed for Curti Metallo. The purity of form and proportion studied in detail make it an ironic object of desire. Research on the composition and the simple modular construction allows installation in three moves and four screws.
For the iconic character and strong identity, EL SOMBRERO is suitable to house both in contract contexts. The multiplication of parts make it a spectacular complement to furnish the lobby of hotels, showrooms, offices and lounges

Designer: Studio 06 (Italy)
Manufacturer: Curti Metallo (Italy)
Material: steel
Colours: white with red or yellow
Dimension: Ø 90 cm H 48 cm


Doble by Studio 06

Doble, a table designed to be elegant and refined character of the workspace. It is characterized by a glass top tempered extra painted black, and by a lower plane with two compartments of support made of plastic material. The double structure of the legs in chromed steel curved and

sinuous forms of the lower floor of the table are an example of minimalist elegance and sophistication that allows it to adapt to different working styles.

Designer: Studio 06 (Italy)
Manufacturer: Castelli (Italy)
Material: glass, polymer, steel


Less chair by Studio 06

The most distinctive and innovative element of the Less model project is the “k” swivel, a white enameled technical detail that combines all strengths and supports the four parts of the seat frame, consistently falling within a “clean” and “balanced” formal composition. Through its sinuous and thin wooden parts, the chair (made of awoung or white durmast oak) conveys formal lightness as well as constructive and esthetical simplicity.

Designer: Studio 06 (Italy)
Material: wood



Origamo is an elegant living room table. The name derived from Japanese art of paper folding, because Origamo made using a rectangular plate of metal, folded and engraved with laser cutting to give him strength and charisma.
The main feature is that from every direction you look is always different shape thanks to the meticulous study of the bending points.

Designer: Studio 06 (Italy)
Manufacturer: Mabele (Italy)



ComeQuandoFuoriPiove is a stool made up of six cards of metal what representing a house of cards; it’s also a magazine rack because under the seat (ace of hearts) there are three compartments where you can put books, magazines and newspapers.

More modules can be joined together to form a library with shape of a big house of cards.
The name is an italian way of saying to remember the name of card suits:
C (cuori = hearts)
Q (quadri = diamonds)
F (fiori = clubs)
P (picche = spades)

Designer: STUDIO 06 (Italy)
Manufacturer: Mabele (Italy)



Designer: Studio 06 (Italy)
Competition: Infiniti Design DeContest

Designer: STUDIO 06 (Italy)


Piuma chair

Light, smooth and sinuous "Piuma" creates a new icon.
The chair is made of beech wood, laminated wood base and seat in curved plywood panel.
Are joined together with polyurethane glue and dowels. The support base is chromed steel and has an elliptical shape.

Designer: Studio06 (Italy)




Designer: Studio06 (Italy)


Furà by studio06

Competition: "l'arte di illuminare l'arte". first prize

Designer: studio06 (Italy)
Manufacturer: Biffi luce (Italy)



Our goal is the invention of a new method to dress salads. We have combined this daily act to a funny and cheerful action like play ball. This is our essential concept! Here they are CHEFBALL, the saladshaker, a stainless steel ball, which opens to contain salads and dressings, it closes to mix and it opens again to eat.

Designer: Studio06 (Italy)



Torino, Italy






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