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Valérian Papillier

Paris, France



At first designed as a scholar desk, May became a refined table responding to the day-to-day private needs of smaller spaces.

Designer: Valerian Papillier (France)
Inspired By: waves
Material: medium, walnut, glass
Colours: white, walnut brown



Neo is a wall-mounted secretary conceived to serve for the day-to-day tasks at home.

Designer: Valerian Papillier (France)
Material: medium, walnut, glass
Colours: white, walnut brown


Eva secretary

Designed over six months and handcrafted in one, the Eva secretary from Valerian Papillier is a modern view of a classic writing table. It features two hand-crafted, dove-tail jointed drawers with hand-made, full-length runners, a side-lock and two flexible LED lights, fixed through hidden magnets on different spots of the table. The secretary has two functions: the first as a work place with the open leaf, and the second as a stocking area or decorative stand once the leaf is closed.

Designer: Valerian Papillier-Ghelfi (France)
Manufacturer: (France)
Inspired By: Frank Buchwald
Material: MDF, Mahagony, Glass
Colours: White
Dimension: 1,2/0.6/0.6m



Icon is a minimalist secretary designed for the smaller home need. It is completely made of birch plywood, factory-coated with a glossy white melamin film. The main surface is decked with brown linoleum, for a softer touch and a better up-keep.

Built with a dimmable 4000K LED light (touch-controled) it brings an ideal additional source of lightning to the room. The lamp is also linked with two power plugs placed next to the main board, easing the power supply.

Designer: Valerian Papillier-Ghelfi (France)
Material: white melamin-coated plywood, lights, linoleum
Colours: white
Dimension: 1/0.5/0.5m





Paris, France


Interior Design





French furniture-maker based in Paris,
I draw and craft wooden furnitures.
After having completed an apprenticeship in cabinet making in Berlin, I now offer my services in designing layouts and furnitures focussing on:

- modern design,
- classical joinery knowledge,
- noble or saving materials and
- clever integration.



3 rue Thomire
75013 Paris

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