Sant Pere de Torell (Barcelona), Spain


Fonda furniture feed

The Fonda feet for all types of furniture comes in a shiny chrome or stainless steel look finish and with measurements of (60 x 80 mm), perfect so they don’t look too excessive. The point of support can be regulated so ensuring the stability of the furniture.

Designer: Viefe design team (Spain)
Manufacturer: Viefe (Spain)
Material: Stainless steel
Colours: Shiny chrome or stainless steel look
Dimension: 60x80 or 60x100 mmm
Price: On request via


Thin, a simple geometric handle

The Thin handle from Viefe meets all the requirements to be a success in the world of interior design. It’s slim, minimalist and very comfortable. We’re talking about a Zamak plate with a light horizontal pleat. The simplicity of its design is precisely what lends it character. It is “semi” built-in as it has two inserts that fit directly into the furniture so making it completely supported to the wood.
It can be fitted both horizontally and vertically.

Designer: Viefe (Spain)
Manufacturer: Viefe (Spain)
Inspired By: geometric
Material: Zamak
Colours: Polished chrome, Brushed nickel, Chrome look
Dimension: 64 mm - 160 mm


Textured knobs

The texture of a knob is a factor which directly affects our perception of touch when using them. Whether rough, smooth, engraved or with an undulating pattern, there are many types of finish from which to choose, all bringing a different sensation or look to the knob. The cylindrical model Graf from Viefe® boasts a mesh surface so adding extra grip at the moment of pulling or pushing. In addition it adds an extra touch of personality to the design.

Designer: Viefe design team (Spain)
Manufacturer: Viefe (Spain)
Inspired By: Futurist textures
Material: Aluminium
Colours: Polished Chrome, Anodized, Stainless steel look
Dimension: 17.5x28 mm
Price: on request via


Fruit knobs

Just as if they were small pieces of fruit, the knobs from Viefe®’s Fruit collection decorate furniture with their organic shapes. Their organic design guarantees maximum comfort to the touch and brings originality and character to any type of furniture collection. It has a shiny chrome base and the upper part can be in various colours. Choose whichever combines best with your mood.

Designer: Viefe design team (Spain)
Manufacturer: Viefe (Spain)
Inspired By: Nature, organic elements
Material: Zamak and acrylic
Colours: white, black, brown, lime, red and orange with a glossy finish
Dimension: 40x38x28 mm
Price: on request via



Sant Pere de Torell (Barcelona), Spain


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