Munich, Germany


Atomic Light

When developing “Atomic” we wanted to use 3D printing not just as manufacturing technology, but to create a new kind of material with its very own properties. The result is lightweight, yet structurally very stable. Illumination source and shading structure become one functional part to generate a clean appearance.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)


Levitate office system

Levitate is a professional office system that takes a lot of cues from residential furniture design. This is embodied by the chosen materials and soft form language, but also in the way how it can easily be adjusted and personalized with a range of accessories and additions. Levitate was introduced to the public during Orgatec 2016 in Cologne.
The desk with its characteristic wooden legs can be equipped with upholstered panels, a drawer unit and a 3rd level storage cabinet.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Nowy Styl Group (Poland)
Material: wood, melamine, fabric, steel


Rollercoaster Collection

Rollercoaster Collection is a ring cluster that is made of two individual rings that can be worn separately or together. The ring family is very versatile and offers the possibility of combining different colours, materials and finishes.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Shapeways


Archetype Collection

Archetype Collection is a modern interpretation of signature, diamond, pearl and wedding ring – bringing them into the digital age.

Depending on the material, the rings can have different meanings. Nylon suggests a more playful and casual interpretation whereas metal gives the ring more importance and value.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Shapeways


Twiggy 3d printed wall clock

Twiggy is a wall clock, and tells time by the number of twigs each branch ends with. The hands were modelled to be as light weight as possible, and contrast the organic design of the clock with their mechanical and constructed design. The whole clock including the hands is 3d printed. For the movement we used a standard sized clockwork.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)


The Basslet

The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer for your body. Using a whole new technology for sound, it delivers the beats and basslines of your music directly to you – so you literally feel the music.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Lofelt (Germany)


Dizzy for Stilnest

Dizzy Collection for Stilnest is inspired by the Moiree effect which is about layering and interference. In particular the earring with a simple circular or hexagonal outer shape, that is constantly moving, will really come alive by the ever shifting Moiree patterns.

Dizzy was launched in December 2014 and is available on the Stilnest website

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Stilnest (Germany)
Inspired By: Moire Effekt
Material: Fine polyamide
Colours: light grey and black
Dimension: 65mm earrings, 85mm bracelet
Price: 65 - 130 Euro



WertelOberfell was commissioned by Panasonic to design custom 3d printed parts for the Panasonic GM1 camera. The project was inspired by different design epochs such as art nouveau, modernism and the digital age. The project pushes the boundaries of additive manufacturing in terms of detailing and material thicknesses.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Panasonic & Materialise Belgium (Japan)
Inspired By: Epochs - Art Nouveau, Modernism & The Digital Age
Material: STL parts - painted or metal plated
Colours: Copper, nickel, b,lack
Dimension: 10 cm x 5 cm


Mannequin chair

The raw shape of the Mannequin chair is plain, friendly, ergonomic and comfortable. The choice of one of the three 'quilted dresses' & bases gives the chair it's final character.
The inspiration for it comes from our interest in patterns & structures and the concept of changing the appearance of a chair by dressing it in different 'clothes'.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: IKER (Poland)
Inspired By: Structures & fashion
Material: upholstered fabric, plywood, wood or steel wire
Colours: various
Dimension: 40x44x81



DILIM is a modular soft seating system for the office and public spaces. The system can range from a very quiet and functional seating unit to a more exciting and expressive setup.

Designer: Jan Wertel, Gernot Oberfell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Koleksiyon (Turkey)
Inspired By: Modularity
Material: Wool upholstered wooden construction
Colours: Various
Dimension: Various
Price: For prices please contact Koleksiyon


Clover table

The Clover coffee table explores the creation of three dimensional forms and structures from a flat sheet of DuPont™ Corian®.

Designer: Jan Wertel, Gernot Oberfell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: DuPont Corian® (Poland)
Inspired By: Creation of three dimensional forms from flat surfaces
Material: Corian® and glass
Colours: various
Dimension: 103 cm X 108 cm X 39 cm
Price: for prices please contact DuPont Corian®



Module.MGX is a modular table system that is based on the Fractal.MGX coffee table that was designed in collaboration with Matthias Bär. It draws inspiration from research into geometries with self-similarity e.g. fractals, patterns that occur in nature and proportional systems like the golden section.

The table can be used alone or with an infinite number placed seamlessly next to each other.

Designer: Jan Wertel, Gernot Oberfell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: MGX - Materialise (Belgium)
Inspired By: Modularity, fractal geometries, golden section
Material: ABS
Colours: White, red
Dimension: 48 x 49.9 x 40cm
Price: 450 (tbc)



Dragonfly.MGX is a fully functional pendant light and is taking functional requirements like glare shielding and direct/indirect light into consideration.
Dragonfly.MGX is 3d printed. This process becomes more and more interesting for mass production.

Designer: WertelOberfell - Platform (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Materialise MGX (Belgium)
Inspired By: Curved honeycomb structure of insect eyes, Rapid prototyping
Material: 3D printed Epoxy
Colours: Terra Cotta, Amber
Dimension: d30cm, h 20
Price: Euro 750 (tbc)



Pixel is a cabinet with digitally printed pixelised tropical wood veneer fronts. From a greater distance it appears to be natural veneer but from a closer viewpoint it becomes obvious that Pixel features “digital wood”. By deliberately choosing and abstracting tropical wood veneers, the Designers want to raise the question of the use of tropical wood for furniture in a playful way.
Three different pixel-veneers will be available: Limba, Mahogany and Zebrano.

Designer: Platform - Wertel, Oberfell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Profap (Poland)
Inspired By: Wood veneer, Computer, Pixel
Material: Lacquered MDF and printed MDF
Colours: White, black, wood
Dimension: L180cm x H70cm x D40cm



This family of chairs was designed for the contract market and is therefore aiming to offer the highest durability, comfort and efficiency for a competitive price. The honeycomb, as a very efficient structure, is figuratively used as the defining outlining shape.
The seats shells consist of plywood. Optionally the chairs are upholstered with pu foam and wool fabric, manufactured in an inmold process that is broadly used in the transportation industry.

Designer: Platform - Wertel, Oberfell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Iker (Poland)
Inspired By: Honeycomb, CAD digital surfaces
Material: Plywood, wool fabric, pu foam, chromed steel
Colours: various
Dimension: L52cm x W50cm x H80cm


Fractal MGX

Treelike stems grow into smaller branches until they get very dense towards the top to form a quasi-surface. The structure starts quite unorganized at the bottom and gets progressively organized until it ends in a regular grid, thus a progression from an approximate fractal to a fractal with exact self similarity. To stabilize the structure, especially at the top, adjacent branches are linked by offsetting the outline of the table. Fractal.MGX was recently launched at Moss NY.

Designer: Wertel, Oberfell, Baer (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Materialise (Belgium)
Inspired By: Fractals, trees, structures, and patterns
Material: Epoxy resin built with sterolithography, hollow structure filled with polyurethane
Colours: dark brown, black
Dimension: L98 cm x W60 cm x H42 cm


Fractal Table

Fractal Table is a table piece which derives from studies into fractal growth patterns. Treelike stems grow into smaller branches until they get very dense towards the top. Fractal Table, developed by Platform Wertel Oberfell together with Matthias Bär, is impossible to manufacture unless rapid prototyped.

Designer: Platform Wertel Oberfell, Matthias Bär (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Materialise.MGX (Belgium)



Munich, Germany


3-D Modeling, Industrial Design


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WertelOberfell was founded in 2007 by Gernot Oberfell and Jan Wertel. Both studied Industrial Design in Stuttgart at the State Academy of Arts.Before forming their Munich-Berlin based practice they both worked several years for Ross Lovegrove Studio. Their work ranges from furniture, lighting and industrial products to experimental research pieces for companies such as Braun, Neff, Philips, Sony, Yamagiwa, MGX by Materialise, Iker, BN Office Solution, DuPont Corian and others.



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80799 Munich

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