Kortrijk, Belgium


atelier for creative starters

In order to give the young talent an extra boost the POM West Flanders decided to open the ‘atelier for creative starters’ in Kortrijk, Bruges and Ostend.

This work area is an open office and aims to be both stimulating and young as professional and modular.

Designer: elevenfeet
Inspired By: New York Times picture of construction workers lunching on a crossbeam, 1932
Material: aluminum, rubberwood, stainless steel, acoustic panels



ONOFF is a wink to the past. The design is a contemporary variation of the candle drip pan out of a time without electricity. The well-known candle drip pan was redesigned and received a modern look while still offering the atmosphere of that time. Due to the combination of a sleek design and a more technical approach the ONOFF can either be placed on the supplied ledge or singly on every piece of furniture.

Designer: elevenfeet (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Oxygene
Inspired By: old candle drip pan
Material: oak and blown glass
Dimension: 150x100x100



The ssst modules are designed as a creative solution in the rather dull world of acoustic materials. Our ‘bird nest’ design is intended to substitute the of placing a false ceiling, absorbing panels or acoustic canvases.
By using a common yet fire retardant foam and a simple processing technique it is possible to assemble and install these modules in a do-it-yourself way.

Designer: elevenfeet (Belgium)
Manufacturer: (Belgium)
Material: planasonic fireproof
Colours: gray
Dimension: 250x250x350



The Eclipse is an innovative umbrella concept that is considered to be a fixed element because of the complex and rather large shape. We had to design a quick and efficient way to place, remove and store the shadow making element without degradation to the aesthetics. The solution makes use of fiberglass rods in a sleek and minimalist suspension system. Because of the fiberglass rods, it is possible to store the umbrella in an instant by simple twisting the fiberglass circle.

Designer: elevenfeet (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Umbrosa (Belgium)
Material: extruded aluminium, fiberglass, textile
Dimension: 2800 mm diameter


Tafel XX

Table XX is designed to mark the 20 year existence of Habbekrats. The design refers to these 20 years by using 20 plexiglas legs, each referring to one year of their life. The large table seats 25 people, enough for all employees to meet together. Table XX will also be used for receiving guests at the head office in Ghent. By using the transparent legs and rgb led lighting the table gets a very elegant look.

Designer: elevenfeet (Belgium)
Material: plexiglass, coated mdf and led lighting
Dimension: 6500 mm x1900 mm


The Studios' brainstorm table

The Studios is the University of West-Flanders creative business centre. Elevenfeet got to do some creative interior design. This brainstorm table has been used for a few months now and has proven to be affective for short meetings and elaborate brainstorms.

Designer: elevenfeet
Inspired By: a summer day
Material: wood



The lamp is designed to be versatile in use. Therefore the lamp is designed to able to use indoor and outdoor. The form also provides the possibility placing the lamp in many different ways. It may stung, hung, or just be layed down.

Designer: design office elevenfeet
Material: metal, coating



The recycleerhanger is a production ready design to replace the metal coathanger. The new hanger is made from recycled cardboard and is itself 100% recyclable. This design is focussed on the overall cost for a hanger. Here we have tried to reduce the production, transportation and processing costs. The recycleerhanger is easy to use and provides better support for the clothing. The width of the hanger prevents the forming of folding lines in the trousers and shirts.

Designer: design office elevenfeet
Material: recycled cardboard



A real eye catching product for a company that makes products out of steel wire.

Designer: design office elevenfeet (Belgium)
Material: steel and coating



Kortrijk, Belgium


Industrial Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design


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"Out of a close relation we create innovative concepts. Innovative concepts lead to succesful results."


gold @ decooh, Brussels with onoff
innovation awards 2009
citytape 2008
bombay sapphire 2008 nominee


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