Decorations sheet

Decorations on film which sticks to surfaces through static cling, repositionable.
The decorations can be applied to fridge doors, glass doors, or furniture. The surface to decorate must be smooth, clean and in good condition.
Decorations are covered with a protective film, you can clean them with a sponge.
Large sheet to cut to the required size.

Designer: additik


Personnalized decorations

Customize your furniture Ikea with your photos! (Portrait, family, vacation, travel ...)

Designer: additik


AdditiK : customize furniture IKEA

Additik™ is a totally independent company, not merged with IKEA™.
Our repositionables sets were specially conceived to allow you to customize easily a large choice of furniture IKEA™.
All our products are created and made in France.
Additik™ proposes you multitude decorations and supports.
Adopt Additik Attitude: « Enjoy yourself! »

Designer: additiK





Interior Design


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AdditiK decorations, on repositionable adhesive sets or posters, are especially designed to offer a simple and effective way to customize IKEA furniture.
AdditiK decorations are also available on large repositionable adhesive sheets, to customize your furniture, your kitchen furniture or your refrigerator door.
All our products are created and manufactured in France.
Adopt Additik Attitude: « Enjoy yourself! »




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