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Fläpps Wardrobe Hillhäng

Fläpps Wardrobe Hillhäng „Hang your jacket on Mont Blanc“!
Who can boast a hallway with a mountain view? The Fläpps Coat Rack provides just that! Disguised as an unusual mountain panorama do the mountain summits function unfolded as useful coat-hanger. When the guests are gone is it folded a mural for mountain friends. Altogether does Hillhäng provide seven coat-hangers.

Designer: Malte Grieb (Germany)
Manufacturer: AMBIVALENZ (Germany)
Material: The materials used are plywood birch and stainless steel. The surface has a lacquer finish.
Colours: white, black, print
Dimension: Folded are the dimensions 80 x 40 x 2 cm + 1 cm wall mounting
Price: 195,00


Fläpps Shelving System

A modular shelving system without rules. A beautiful combination of width, height and shelves. Invisible, Wall Art shelving storage – Fläpps can be a combination of all three.
Each module is a stand-alone shelf that can be combined with other modules to become a wall shelving system.
Unfolded the Fläpps shelving system offers endless applications in the office, living room, kitchen, dressing room or entrance hall.

Designer: Malte Grieb (Germany)
Manufacturer: AMBIVALENZ (Germany)
Material: Birch Plywood
Colours: White, Black
Price: starting from 125



Folding chair

Designer: Malte Grieb (Germany)
Manufacturer: AMBIVALENZ (Germany)
Material: Playwood, stainless steel
Colours: diverse
Dimension: 840x470x19mm
Price: 260



Berlin, Germany


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AMBIVALENZ has been innovating solutions for modern/mobile/flexible spaces since 2012. The design rationale for our furniture stems from demographic changes in cities that require new living concepts such as compact living and micro living. It helps that we love experimenting with how to create maximum function within a limited space.




Designer are ...

Malte Grieb



Stargarder Strasse 56a
Stargarder Strasse 56a
10437 Berlin

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