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Berlin, Germany


Wo_LKen / roofing system

The roofing system consists of inflated metal pillows inspired by car fabrication methods

Designer: Daniel Dendra (Germany)
Manufacturer: City of Wolfsburg (Germany)
Material: stainless steel 1.5mm / inflated


Nefertiti Lounge

A low lounge element which integrates a table element. It can be used as a laptop workspace, coffee table or relaxation seat.
The sleek and feminine lines are inspired by the iconic bust of Queen NEFERTITI of Egypt.

Designer: Daniel Dendra (Germany)
Manufacturer: ITA (Egypt)
Material: INDOOR: upholstery and metal / outdoor: PVC and metal
Colours: red and grey
Dimension: 2m x 0.6m


Cairo Table

The table consists of 2 parts representing the plateaus on both sides of the Nile. Each of the sides is supported by a 3-dimensional cairo tessellation pattern. On the top of the table this support elements cause a series of tectonic deformations. which are filled in by glass and metal bowls.

The table can be reconfigured and placed back to back leaving the deformed part on the outsides.
The perfect configuration for a buffet party.

Designer: Daniel Dendra (Germany)
Manufacturer: Arket (Egypt)


Noisy Tea Time

Coffee Table / cnc cut wood and metal

Cairo is one or even the noisiest city in the world.
The Noisy Tea Time Table is using data from soundscapes in Cairo to generate a furniture piece.
The table is based on a typical table typology found in tea/shesha shops in Egypt. 

Designer: Daniel Dendra (Germany)
Manufacturer: CAT Egypt (Egypt)


Iwen Swirl by another architect

outdoor kitchen element made from wood and fibreglass and playing with the duality of 2 colours in the ancient Egyptian sense of "Iwen".

The tables are generated from a flat rectangular piece - The shape is generated by simply folding it along predefined lines.

Designer: Daniel Dendra (Germany)
Manufacturer: Hardwood (Egypt)



Berlin, Germany


Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design





nominated for International Chernikhov Prize 2008


Royal Academy Summer Show, London, 2008
International Architecture Model Festival, KEK, Budapest, 2008
Saloni de Mobile, Milan Furniture Fair, 2009
Furnex, Cairo 2009



Daniel Dendra
Osloer Str. 17-18
13359 Berlin

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