Helsinki, Finland


Halo shelf - bend to slender unique form

Halo is a beautiful three-dimensional shelf where small interior objects can be displayed gracefully.

The orbit body of Halo is slender and light, the two frames are attached together without any fasteners. The tensioned structure gives Halo a strong form when assembled together by a simple bending technique.
The Halo wall shelf is crafted from highest quality Finnish plywood.

Designer: Janne Uusi-Autti (Finland)
Manufacturer: be&liv (Finland)
Material: Wood
Colours: black and white wood
Dimension: 62cm x 37cm x 20cm
Price: 79


Blossom Tealight Candle Holder

We wanted to create a truly beautiful metallic tea-light candle holder with solid quality. A decorative candle lantern that create a fascinating light. We also wanted to make it easily mailable - following the same philosophy as with our earlier products.

Feel its solid build in your hand and light it up to see the light sparkling through its perforation.

The shape is achieved by utilising metals natural bending characteristics.

Designer: Janne Uusi-Autti (Finland)
Material: brass
Colours: White, Black, Gold, Copper
Dimension: Diameter 10cm, height 8.5cm
Price: 39


Tree24 - Christmas calendar with a twist

Instead of purchasing a new calendar for every Christmas season, how about updating your calendar with a modern, reusable model, which lasts from one Christmas to another?
Tree24 combines two Christmastime traditions into one design product. It is a contemporary Christmas tree and also a advent calendar. Its numbered ornaments open up and provide a place for candy or small gifts of your choice.

Designer: Janne Uusi-Autti (Finland)
Manufacturer: Be&liv (Finland)
Material: wooden and acrylic
Colours: wooden or acrylic with red or white metal balls
Dimension: Height 56cm (22 inch), width 44cm (17.5 inch), ornament diameter 5cm (2inch)
Price: Recommended retail price starting from: 99.00 vat 23%



Helsinki, Finland






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