New York, United States



The patent-pending CapsulePen is simple yet revolutionary. It is the first pill container that arranges pills lengthwise in a tube. The pen fits virtually all pills, and pills are loaded in the order they need to be taken. It clips inside pockets, and magnetized ends allow placement on metal surfaces. Its hexagonal body allows seven to fit together in a weekly bundle, that magnetize together for easy portability. Preload a full week’s worth of medication, ready to take on time, every time.

Designer: Joseph Cote (United States)
Manufacturer: CapsulePen LLC (United States)
Inspired By: the portability of pens
Material: plastic
Colours: red, blue
Price: 15-140



launching on Kickstarter


New York, United States


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The Pill Case Has Been Reinvented

CapsulePens mission is to be the smart and sexy pill dispensing option for the capsule-consuming public: enabling on-time tablet taking while promoting a feel-good feeling.



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CapsulePen LLC



New York
United States

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