carusodangeli studio

Rome, Italy


SEMEN. Home fragrance, seed strongbox

We would like to talk about the future. The future is in the re-production, especially of food self-production. Semen project consists of small cubes, tiny strongboxes, hard shells protecting the most important thing.

Designer: Ivo Caruso, Alessandro D'Angeli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Selfproduct
Material: plaster, spices, essencial oils
Dimension: 40x40x40mm



TRAMPOLINO modular collection is designed to appreciate the morphological features of the overhang volumes and of the summation of solids. A heavy volume acts as a base and supports the plans of wood (available in different lengths) that may have various configurations to create compositions more or less symmetrical. The massive and heavy volumes achieve a versatility and a visual lightness able to characterize the project.

Designer: Alessandro D'Angeli, Ivo Caruso (Italy)
Manufacturer: ITF 100% Design (Italy)
Material: concrete, wood
Colours: natural


NASCONDINO, between play and nature

With NASCONDINO collection we want to combine the container function of pots, with a properly playful quality, inserting all in a context of open spaces requalification. It is a modular set of three pots of different sizes that refers to percentiles of children 6-10 years old. In fact, these pots accomplish the double function of vegetable elements container and of covering, in the traditional Hide and seek game.

Designer: Alessandro D'Angeli (Italy)
Manufacturer: CUPROOM (Italy)



Therefore, it accomplishes this double function: the useful one of the drying rack and the aesthetic-dividing one of the screening. In this way the drying rack, that has always been left aside because lost under a heap of clothes or stored in an invisible place, it starts a new life in harmony with indoor and outdoor living. Finally, it is not longer afraid of hiding himself.

Designer: Alessandro D'Angeli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Alessandro D'Angeli (Italy)



SUNLAB is a free space for research and experimentation organized by SUN to promote the emerging of new proposals, innovative designs, and new ways to conceive life in the open. SUNLAB 2009 will host to the best suggestions of Italian and foreign designers under 35 and of students of the main European universities. An overview of prototypes expressing the growing wish to rediscover the pleasure of using open spaces, a renewed approach to nature, a strong desire to take control of one’s free time

Designer: alessandro d'angeli | ivo caruso (Italy)
Manufacturer: SUNLAB FOR A CREATIVE OUTDOOR edition 2009 (Italy)



This new typology of product has been created to unify both the set of the watering can and the irrigator. The aesthetics of this product, affected by the usual daily actions and by the outdoor universe in little spaces, uses a surprising language with its playful attitude , the winning and immediately intelligible language, made by the strong colour, the handle and its inscription "a litre and a half ", send again to the function of the object “”.

Designer: Alessandro D'Angeli (Italy)
Manufacturer: SEME&BOCCIOLO (Italy)



Rome, Italy






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