christian vivanco

barcelona, Spain


our little white sofa

just one single outline to create a sofa that follows the idea of a mixture between outdoor and indoor furniture, between function and form.

the concept started with the search for an all-together furniture, but at the same time looking for a new expression for this kind of piece.

an steel wireframe structure that support a comfortable but slim couch.

Designer: Christian Vivanco (Mexico)


sak tableware

sak means pure in mayan; a black ceramic tableware collection, a return to the crafts used in Mexico centuries ago...

Designer: christian vivanco (Spain)


Looking for manufacturers all around the globe

UTIÚU, the pet of the family, means wild dog in mayan, and thats the concept, a dog in love of the moon, having its reflection inside of him while he´s looking at her. a love story. UTIÚU is an object with many functions, first its a side table, but you will find an open mouth that allows you to add some magazines, books or clothes. its dimensions (70 x 40 x 52) works perfect for a stool also!! as the other guys of the family UTIÚU is proposed in 100% bamboo.

Designer: Christian Vivanco Made in Spain


Hool shelve

A new member to the family, Hool, that means hole in mayan, is an space to put your treasures that invite you to turn around him, to see him and interact with him. Hool its proposed in bamboo.

Designer: Christian Vivanco Made in Spain



Chuun chair

A tree becoming a chair, a hangcoat. making an extension of the furniture itself we discover a branch allow in us to use it.

Designer: christian israel vivanco dorbecker Made in Mexico




barcelona, Spain


Industrial Design, Design Management, 3-D Modeling




Christian Vivanco is a designer stablished in Mexico city with 10 years of professional experience.

His work has been exhibited in cities like Milan, London, Barcelona, Paris, New York and Tokyo, among other design capitals. In 2009 he got selected by the English magazine Wallpaper as the first Latin American designer to join its Graduate Directory, an annual publication which sets out the most promising emerging young designers.


4 years


UASLP, Elisava






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