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danilo calvache

Pasto, Colombia


Torres Candle Holders ser

Easy assembly & CNC made set of 6 candle holders

Designer: Danilo Calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: (Colombia)


torax fruitbowl

Torax fruitbowl arises from the idea of using areas of laminate (plywood, MDF, melamine boards) that are cutting waste in large parts using CNC technology.

Designer: Danilo Calvache (Colombia)
Inspired By: human esqueleton
Material: lacquered MDF
Colours: white


radial fruitbowl

Radial is an object developed from CNC basic technology using simple materials. This technology is barely applied in my home town Pasto (Colombia) for product development; the three CNC machines existing in this city are only used for the advertising industry.

Designer: Danilo Calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: (Colombia)
Material: 6 mms flexible polyurethane foam / metal ring


pills stools

basic stools made of a heavy piece of lathed pine wood for the seat, in which three metal legs are attached.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Inspired By: less is more
Material: pine wood / metal
Colours: natural wood / black-wite-yellow-red metal legs
Dimension: 38cms x 24cms


Cobra door stopper

A new version of this everyday home accessory. Don't need to completey bent over to place and take it, just grab Cobra's head.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Inspired By: form and function
Material: Metal
Colours: black
Dimension: 1 1/2


PLUS clothes hanger

A new and basic way to hang your clothes.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Inspired By: simplicity
Material: lacquered MDF
Colours: assorted colors
Dimension: 30 x 45 x 1.5 csm


seisvelas candle holder

a simple idea became a neat object

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Material: lacquered MDF
Dimension: closed: 4.5 x 11 x 3 cms


papelina lamp

A simple table lamp that re uses eggs packaking and discarded mdf. This project was developed in collaboration with Javier Botina & David Santacruz, I.D students @ Universidad de Nariño, Pasto.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: own production
Inspired By: recycling design
Material: eggs packaking / MDF


tableta center table

a simple but original bent metal frame and glass top for a unique table.

Designer: Danilo Calvache (Colombia)
Inspired By: basic metal bent manufacturing
Material: 2
Dimension: 35 x 80 x 80 cms


candel abro by danilo calvache design studio

set of three candle holders that work joint together by the candle itself,which works as axis to generate the "open" gesture ("abro" in spanish)
The candle holders also work individually

Designer: Danilo Calvache (Colombia)
Inspired By: minimalism
Material: stain steel



a modern interpretation of the traditional rocking horse for children.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Material: wood body and metal frame
Colours: assorted colors
Dimension: 80 x 40 x 40 cms


buolo stool

minimal looking for a seating item. A large piece of wood and a lite metal structure.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Dimension: 40 x 30 x 30 cms


Tornamesa Furniture

Inspired by traditional wood lathe, the idea of these furniture pieces is to lathe big pieces of wood, in a simple shape, producing modern objects, with a natural touch perceived in the wood. The contrast is huge, modern design pieces, table and stool, produced by the hand of a lathe artisan.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Material: pine / oak wood
Dimension: 30 cms diam x 40 cms


Mr. Tempo

A wall clock with a different look.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Material: lacquered MDF
Colours: black - white - red - yellow
Dimension: 165 x 30 cms


jö chair

a clean and elegant chair for diner tables

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Inspired By: simplicity


little piece urban stool

a simple design to enhance urban space with a touch of color.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: (Colombia)
Inspired By: basic geometry applyed to rough objects
Material: concrete
Dimension: 30 x 30 x 45 cms


revo furniture

revo furniture is a set of a table and 3/4 stools perfect for outdoors. A simple metal frame piece rotated around two metal rings give the shape for this basic objects.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: looking for manufacturers
Material: metal frame / powder coating


honeycomb table set

Set of center and side table, with metal structure inspired by honeycomb hexagonal shapes.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)



A funny chip'n'dip server (try it with totopos and guacamole).

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)


triangle fruit bowl by danilo calvache

A recontextualization of the billiar pull triangle used for starting the game, now used as tableware.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)


duomo fruit tray v.2008

duomo is an elegant tableware object, that "exhibits" fruits to visitors at home. A simple geometry excercise turned to an object, silver finishing.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: looking for manufactures


ne stool

Ne is a one piece stool, an infinite path. Can be used both height and width.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)


sofia table

This is a minimalistic table with only three elements: a metal base and two plywood boards. These boards can be placed in different ways to get several heights, and can be used separately either, giving more chices to place on magazines, vases, etc.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: (Colombia)


tah table

Inspired when looking at an upside down hat on the floor, this table has a center vase where you place flowers and plants, or even sand for a mini zen garden.

Designer: Danilo Calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: looking for manufactures



Pets is a set of 6 different animals – furniture for children based on a 20x20x20 cms cube, a tri dimensional pixel. All the shapes are simple enough to recognize one (or more) animal(s). Kids can sit on, jump, lay down using these pets. Material is PU foam and special cover.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: looking for manufacturers



Totem is a set two pieces for a room divider, which assemble each other to obtain a spacial curtain. Joining several pieces the divider can be placed in many ways to get interesting spaces. It is made of polyuretane foam and special coating, sizes 100 x 20 x 180 cm.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: looking for manufacturers



Chain is a set of 3 pieces that joint together with more pieces create landscape furniture resembling the image of a chain on the floor. All the pieces are base on a 40cmd diameter circle extruded along the chain shapes. The whole landscape furniture can be used as sitting objects.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)


LaLa stool

LaLa chair sequel. A first furniture approach from LaLa chair, the LaLa stool. Once again total exploration and full minimalism.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: danilo calvache (Colombia)


LaLa Chair

100% minimalistic LaLa chair, both in form and function, as well as it's production and assembly. Made of a 10x10 cms pine wood piece, only uses 2.4 meters of wood.

Designer: danilo calvache (Colombia)
Manufacturer: (Colombia)



Pasto, Colombia


Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling, Art Direction




freelance industrial designer
furniture design


10 years


MFA in Design @ Domus Academy 2003
Industrial Design degree @ Pontificia Universidad Javeriana / Colombia 1998

Organizations & Network

Universidad de Nariño / Design Department
ITESM Campus Toluca LDI
pastodiseña design collective


2000 Colombian design award LAPIZ DE ACERO (winner)
2008 Colombian design award LAPIZ DE ACERO (nomination)


proyectodiseño design magazine Ed. 41
proyectodiseño design magazine Ed. 42
proyectodiseño design magazine Ed. 48
proyectodiseño design magazine Ed. 56


Diseño 2006 / Bogotá
ExpoConstrucción Expodiseño 2007 / Bogotá
Diseño con Acento / Córdoba-Arg 2007
Salón Diseñarte / Bogotá 2008
Imaginna 2008 / Bogotá



calle 20 No. 43 - 09
0000 Pasto

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