dave hakkens

eindhoven, Netherlands


Memo Blocks

I always have little pieces of paper and post-it’s laying around my desk. Filled with messages, to do lists and reminders. It’s messy and a waste of paper...This little block can collect these things on one central place. Write it on with a whiteboard marker and wipe it of when it’s done.
It’s designed in a way that you can make one yourself, using old plastic bags and cardboard

Designer: dave hakkens
Material: old cardboard and plastic bags
Price: 3



The plugbook is made in the shape of a book which hides itself between your other books. When you need it, just take it out and pull the cord. Simple as that!

Inside the book is 3 meter of cable. When you don’t need it anymore you press the button and the cord automatically rewinds. Just put it back on the bookshelf ready to go for next time.
more info here at kickstarter

Designer: Dave Hakkens (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Designcord (Netherlands)
Inspired By: a book
Material: abs


Handmade for the industry

Most of the products around us are made industrially. Although I am a big fan of craftsmanship I believe our world sometimes just needs products to be made industrially. To make the products produceable for machines they need a 3D file which is designed and drawn on the computer. Usually this is done entirely computer based. Products are starting to look the same and a personal details are lost. I wanted to make a technical product by hand but still produceable for the industry

Designer: Dave Hakkens


Precious paper

For this project I wanted to give children something to play with minimal needs. A lot of stuff is made for kids to play with. But is this really necessary? Does a child need so much stuff to play with, can't I just give them the idea. That was the main thing where I was interested in. So I made 2 different projects with the same concept.

Designer: Dave Hakkens


toilet 2.0

Toilet 2.0 is ready for the future, it's made from Corian which makes it thinner, lighter and stronger. The shape keeps splashing water inside the toilet. It cleans with 8 different points where pressured water comes out . By doing this the toilet is always perfectly clean, so no need for a toilet brush. Also there is a freshener build in the push plate which makes it always smell good! It uses grey water to clean the pipe system behind the walls and clean water for flushing.

Designer: Dave Hakkens


your big tea mug

We wanted to make something so special, so unique that you will never ever think of throwing away. You will enjoy using it everyday, it becomes your product. Since we both drink a lot of tea and we have to refill way to often we created a big tea mug. It's completely handmade out of ceramic, and personally illustrated by lieke.

Designer: dave hakkens & lieke van der vorst (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: dave & lieke
Material: Ceramic
Price: 45 euro


A Good Business card

The good thing about business cards is that you have something touchable, what's bad is that it always costs material and you will probably never hand out all the 500 pieces. For my card I made a stamp with the same size as a normal business card. You stamp it on anything and just cut it out. Every stamp is unique and it’s always surprising what is on the back of your card. And no worries, I’ve got some cut out with me, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Designer: Dave Hakkens
Manufacturer: Dave Hakkens
Inspired By: less material use


My san-serif

I wanted to create a personal font for myself, a mix between my handwriting and the functional fonts. There are some "personal font’s" out there but they are all only based on handwriting, and so it loses the functionality of good readable. I looked very good in my handwriting and discovered small details what makes it personal. With that information I made the balance between good readable and still my personal handwriting. more information:

Designer: Dave Hakkens
Manufacturer: Dave Hakkens
Inspired By: San serif and handwriting


Edible pen

I created a pen to chew on while bored and which you can almost entirely eat.
More information:

Designer: Dave Hakkens (Netherlands)
Material: candy


Dust ball

Usually there is no interaction with a robot vacuum. I created a little friend just rolling around and which you could push or kick in a direction to clean. It's has no troubles with cables or anything like that, is strong, and when it rolls before your feet you just kick it out of the way.

Designer: Dave Hakkens
Inspired By: hamsterball


1.4 kilo aluminum chair

I made a chair using the two best properties of aluminum, lightweight and very strong. with these to properties i made a strong, good looking chair with a weight less then 1,5 kilo.

more images:

Designer: Dave Hakkens (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Dave Hakkens (Netherlands)
Material: aluminum


Break Soap

Most of the hand soap is replaced by soap pumps. However a lot of the soap pumps contain a lot of chemicals. The main reason why the hand pump was introduced is because it's more hygienic and easier to use. I wanted to give the natural hand soap the same features so we could use the traditional soap again.
The block contains different sizes; dirty hands, you pick a bigger piece.By picking a piece of soap you don't touch the whole soap, keeping everything clean

Designer: Dave Hakkens (Netherlands)
Material: Soap


Mother Nature

I took a microscopic organism out of the sea. The structure of this little guy is known as the strongest construction made by mother nature.

Designer: dave hakkens



eindhoven, Netherlands






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