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Skin - Limited Edition Triennale Milan 2018

Skin is an interchangeable and customised container with a chameleonic spirit. It has a second skin that the designer entrust to the user to make him principal undisputed actor in a daily change of scenery. A new way of looking at the container, where the visual game makes the difference, and as a fashion outfit it changes the look of who wears it. Skin transforms the appearance of the rooms to spice them up, renew and distinguish them.

Designer: Roberto De Rosso, Paola Navone (Italy)
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl, Abet Laminati (Italy)
Inspired By: Paola Navone, Roberto De Rosso
Material: HPL Laminate by Abet Laminati


Digital Print Table, Stockholm Furniture Fair

We were present at the 2018 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair from the 6th to the 10th of February, highlighting Thammada, the choreographic installation conceived and curated by the guest of honour Paola Navone.
The tables made by De Rosso in Digital Print by Abet Laminati pay homage to the pixel art and are characterised by a proper touch of originality, able to offer character and personality in perfect De Rosso Style

Designer: Roberto De Rosso, Paola Navone (Italy)
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl, Abet Laminati (Italy)
Inspired By: Paola Navone
Material: HPL Laminate



Diantha, is one of the 11 lines that Alna by De Rosso offers of bathroom accessories. it's is fully componible. it offers a range of ceramic accessories that are easily interchangable thanks to the same base. this line also offers a range of lengths for the shelves that offer, that can be accessorized with glasses, soap dispensers, ring holder dishes or soap holder dishes, as well as towel and paper holder, all in one.

Designer: Roberto De Rosso (Italy)
Manufacturer: Alna by De Rosso (Italy)
Material: chromed aluminium and ceramic
Colours: white


Dr-One bathroom containers

The Dr-one collection of containers, with infinite combinations, welcomes a new member to the family, tha bathroom containers with integrated wash basin, designer for every need and adapts also to small places

Designer: Roberto De Rosso (Italy)
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl (Italy)
Material: Laminate, pvc
Colours: more than 200


DR MORE interior design

A refined and elegant decor, that among refined backgrounds of colours and extraordinary simple shapes, creates a fascinating and nearly metaphysical, thoughtful and emotional atmosphere, with materials that are actualised in accordance to new tastes and technologies.

A flexible and versatile decor that realises projects of the soul, guided by a modern and original vision that, at the same time, responds to precise needs: those of everyday life.

Designer: Roberto De Rosso (Italy)
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl (Italy)
Material: laminate, bronzed mirror
Colours: an infinite variety


Triennale Milano 2017

Celebrating the 60th aniversary of Abet Laminati at the Triennale 2017 in Milan. Environment curated by Paola Navone in collaboration with De Rosso for the realisation of the historic pieces, and other designers that made history with Abet Laminati, golden compass holder.

Designer: Paola Navone, Abet Laminati (Italy)
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl (Italy)
Material: Laminate


Salone Del Mobile Milano

A compilation of De Rosso products at this year's Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan

Designer: Paola Navone (Italy)
Manufacturer: Roberto Srl (Italy)
Material: Abet Laminati Laminate


Digital Nature by Karim Rashid

exposition at the 2016 Venice Design Biennale in Venice Italy.

Design by the international Designer Karim Rashid, Digital Print HPL Laminate by Abet Laminati. furniture by De Rosso Srl

Designer: Karim Rashid
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl, Abet Laminati (Italy)
Inspired By: Karim Rashid
Material: HPL Laminate by Abet Laminati
Colours: blue, pink, purple


De Rosso Collection 2016

De Rosso at the 2016 Salone del Mobile in Milan - International furniture fair

Designer: Roberto De Rosso (Italy)
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl (Italy)
Inspired By: De Rosso Srl
Material: HPL Laminate and PVC
Colours: light blue, green, red, gold, wood, digital print



Farra di Soligo, Italy


Point of Purchase, Architecture, Interior Design


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De Rosso is the factory born from the intuition of Roberto De Rosso, who in the '80s has picked up the creative heritage of Alchemy and Memphis movements and merged it into a furniture style outside the box, lucidly visionary and emotionally fullfilling.

De Rosso is synonymous of elements and programs of exclusive design.


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