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Milano, Italy


AirPort mount

AirPort wall mount designed by Libero Rutilo to hold an Apple gadget. Moreover it lets you boost a wifi signal by placing an AirPort high on a wall or in another "strategic" location with a good wifi performance. It is easy to install. It has 2 mounting holes and an opening for a cable. The mount has a minimalist shape that repeats a silhouette of the gadget while a delicate pattern gives a touch of style.

Designer: Libero Rutilo / DesignLibero (Italy)


Google Glass Protective Case

This unique case is designed to give protection and cushioning to Google Glass.
Futuristic design of the case is inspired by the cocoon that envelops the Google Glass repeating its shape.
The protective case is made of two shells: soft internal shell which is made of shockproof silicon and foam to provide a support to Google Glass and hard outer shell that protects the gadget.
The case comes in different materials: liquid wood, recycled aluminium, carbon fiber.

Designer: Libero Rutilo & Ekaterina Shchetina (Italy)
Material: liquid wood, recycled aluminium, carbon fiber, shockproof silicon and foam



The Northern Lights have attracted the night sky watchers for ages. “Aurora” – the collection of backlighted bathroom furniture, is inspired by nature and mimics this natural phenomenon.
The uniqueness and beauty of “Aurora” collection is embodied through smooth, organic shapes and exquisite lighting.

Designer: Libero Rutilo & Ekaterina Shchetina (Italy)
Inspired By: aurora borealis


Mother of Pearl

The inspiration of this organic-shaped Spa, created by Milan based studio DesignLibero, comes from the mother of pearl. It allows a sensuous escape from stressful life, by stimulating all the five senses and soothing them. A touch interface lets you create your own combinations of lighting, sounds and aromatherapy. You can choose one of the available wellness programs or create your own and memorize it. Integrated pots allow you to have a glimpse of nature when indulging in the bathtub.

Designer: DesignLibero (Italy)
Inspired By: nature
Material: corian
Colours: white



Milano, Italy


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