Leipzig, Germany


Loge - LP wall mount

The LP wall mount „Loge“ combines the beautiful with the useful. Not only can you now enjoy the audio qualities of your records, you can also present the graphic art work of their covers while still being able to store your LPs. The front slot is designed to display one cover, single or double LP, the back compartement can take up to 20 LPs more. The LP Loge is available in a variety of colours.

Designer: diefabrik (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Inspired By: picture frames
Material: plywood, linoleum
Colours: various
Dimension: 25 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
Price: 65 Euro


Pepe Peppermill

diefabrik produces high qualtiy pepper mills made of reused table legs. Every mill is an absolutly unique piece with a very distinct character. Whether you're looking for a modern style or the more rustic look - Pepe provides it all! The pepper mills are handcrafted using only hard wood table legs and are finished with a layer of ecological wood oil.

Designer: diefabrik design (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Inspired By: old tables
Material: wood
Price: 80 Euro


Bench086 & Stool086

This bench and stool are made of 100% wood offcuts from woodworkers in Leipzig, Germany. Cut into stripes and glued back together the offcuts now create a visual stunning surface which is unique to every bench/stool. Furthermore, the sides are cut on a slight angle (86 degree) which makes sitting on the bench a new ergonomic experience, while still being very comfortable. The angle also contributes to an interesting aesthetic appearance.

Designer: Patrick Gülzow (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Material: wood offcuts
Price: 355 Euro - 650 Euro



The tombox+ is a bigger and louder version of the tombox project by diefabrik, designed for home use. Old high quality, passive loudspeakers are fitted out with an amplifier, rechargable battery and an audio cable, making them portable amplifiers for mp3 players, laptops...etc. Every tombox+ is absolutly unique in its aethetics and sound and comes with wheels plus a leather leash, meant for moving the tombox+ from one place to another.

Designer: diefabrik (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Inspired By: tombox
Material: old passive loudspeakers
Colours: varies
Dimension: varies
Price: from 300 Euro


Pothole Lamp ( Schlagloch )

Potholes are not only holes in a street, they are a by-product of a society, depiticing the wear and tear of everyday life, which makes them an interesting foundation for a product. By filling the potholes with gypsum, diefabrik conserves their unique forms. This cast serves then as a tool for producing lamp shades in
thermoform technique. The pothole lamps are produced in small batches and can be tracked back to their origin thanks to their names, which are the addresses of the pothole.

Designer: Hölldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Inspired By: Goldsworthy
Material: Arboblend Bioplastic
Colours: white
Dimension: varies
Price: 350 Euro



This coffee table is a direct result of the woodworking industry. If you take a closer look, you’ll find nearly every type of woodpanel used by carpenters, joiners and furniture makers.The aesthetics of this table is created by laminating hundreds of these offcuts into a visually stunning material, which looks different but equally appealing every time. Thanks to the innovative stainless steel legs, the table can be disassembled, flatpacked and shipped worldwide.

Designer: diefabrik (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Inspired By: table433
Material: wood offcuts
Dimension: H 32 x W 45 x L 130
Price: 730.00 Euro


Flickrl Teppich

It is easily forgotten that also digital media, especially the internet, are using up a lot of energy. The Flickrl rug represents exactly this unconscious waste of energy demonstrated by the foto platform Flickr. On average 3500 pictures per minute are uploaded, i.e. 1 million pictures every 5 hours. But what happens to them? The Flickrl rug reuses 2000 pictures of February 2, 2011, digital waste as we call it which we printed on woolen felt and wove into an visually appealing surface.

Designer: Hölldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik
Inspired By: the Austrian
Material: woolen felt + digital waste
Dimension: 4m x 0.8m
Price: 1880 EUR



xaver is a flatpack chair. but xaver doesn't want to be only a flatpack chair. like many other flatpack chair he is built out of tough 19mm plywood, undistructable, but unlike other chairs he's got 7 percent of recycled chipboard in his backrest. so xaver isn't just a flatpack chair, he's an especially beautiful way of getting rid of these cheap 90's kitchen cupboards...

Designer: Hölldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Material: recycled kitchen cupboards & 19mm plywood
Dimension: H85 W42 D45
Price: 200 EUR



The shelf114/115 storage system is now officially back in production!

Every shelf is hand built from 100 % recyclable cardboard. The shelving system allows you to create a functional still aesthetically stunning storage unit, all made possible by interlocking shapes and two different sizes of building blocks. This product is sold as single blocks and in sets of 3 or 7. A fixture for wall mounting is also available.

Designer: Hölldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)
Material: two ply cardboard
Dimension: limitless
Price: shelf x 7 (350.00 EUR)



actually it's all said with the name "doppelkopfstreichholz"(doubleheadedmatch).
but really it is a proposition to give a truly ancient product a modern adaption. merely by adding a second head at the other end of every match, a new kind of aesthetic and usefulness is created. all the thousands of matches which become
useless after a few seconds of burning, leaving the majority of the wooden stem untouched could now be used a second time, giving them a second chance.

Designer: Hölldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)


tombox by diefabrik

this little gadget is quite adorable: it's a classical "upcylcing" product. discarded, functional record player loudspeakers are given a second chance as portable "mp3 player" speakers tombox is delivered with an AUX (3.5mm) cable, suitable for laptops, mp3 players, walkmen and the lot, and a charging device. generally only high quality speakers are used so you can rest assured that the sound quality will be brilliant.

Designer: Laudahn & Hoelldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)



chair777 isn't just any chair. it's three chairs in one. sit, lounge and relax.

Designer: hoelldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)


shelf 114 & 115 for die fabrik

this shelving system allows you to create a functional still aesthetically stunning storage unit, all made possible by interlocking shapes and two ply cardboard. it's environmental impact is minimal, though its visual impact might be tremendous. it's all subject to your creativity.

Designer: hoelldobler (Germany)
Manufacturer: diefabrik (Germany)


chair777 by Diefabrik

chair777 is not just any chair. wether you want to sit, lounge or relax, chair777 provides it all within an arms length, a twist of your hand. due to its lightweight construction the chair is easily lifted and rotated into a new seating position. the material used is two ply cardboard, which is fully recyclable and keeps the environmental impact of the product to a minimum. no matter which way you turn it, chair777 is not just any chair.

Designer: Stefan Hoelldobler, die fabrik Made in Germany / Australia



table433 by die fabrik

table433 is a innovative coffee table, that reuses waste produced by the venetian blind industry, in a visual stunning manner. The bass wood, cedar and PVC blades (433 to be exact) are laminated to reveal a colourful and alive table surface. Unlike other offcut tables, this surface looks elegant and is not recognizable as an offcut laminate at first glance. Obviously every table is absolutely unique and individual and there will be different designs to suit every taste.

Designer: stefan hoelldobler



Leipzig, Germany




diefabrik ist ein Designlabel aus Leipzig das seit 2009 einzigartige Produkte und Möbelstücke entwickelt und herstellt. Dabei werden nur hochwertige und nachhaltige Materialien eingesetzt oder nach dem Prinzip der Umnutzung gearbeitet, d.h. eine Wiederverwertung durch innovative Neuinterpretation. diefabrik hat das Ziel eine möglichst vielfältige Nischenproduktion aufzubauen, bei der Serienprodukte mit Unikatcharakter ohne Auslagerung und ohne die Nachteile der Massenproduktion hergestellt und verkauft werden können . Alle Produkte von diefabrik werden in Leipzig entworfen und mit Hilfe von Fabrikanten und Maschinen hergestellt. Sollten sie Fragen zu uns oder unseren Produkten haben, freuen wir uns über ihre Nachricht.




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