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alpaca throws

ELVANG´s vision is to combine the best of two worlds: the soft, strong wool of the South American alpaca with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. The design-led approach is strengthened through the corporation with known Danish designers. Throws measure 54 x 80 inches

Designer: Elvang (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Elvang (Denmark)


Thinner Table Series

Thinner is a table of slender, elegant dimensions. It comes in four heights of 400, 480, 730 and 900 mm, and in 12 different sizes of table. The tabletop is 6 mm thick and is made in veneers of oak, birch, walnut and white laminate, as well as in black-stained oak. The shape of the table is reminiscent of an aeroplane wing, which creates high stability. The table is supplied ready assembled.

Designer: Tobias Berneth (Germany)
Manufacturer: Karl Andersson & Sons (Sweden)


itomaki folding coffee table

Itomaki is an ingeniously designed folding coffee table made from a number of interlinked lengths of wood held together by a steel wire. Itomaki is the Japanese word for a spool or reel on which yarn is wound. The table comes in four heights/diameters in a choice of oak, birch, walnut, black or brown stained oak, or white stained birch. The top is made of glass.

Designer: dan sunaga (Japan)
Manufacturer: Karl Andersson & Sons (Sweden)



Front is a wall-mounted or freestanding storage system that can be used to store and display newspapers, magazines, envelopes, forms, books, pictures, letters, postcards, photos, journals and brochures, or as pigeon-holes for post or messages, as well as for hanging clothes.

Front is available as a ledge, board or panel for display functions, and as display/storage racks and freestanding screens.

Designer: Skala Design, Lasse Pettersson Lennart Notman (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Karl Andersson & Sons (Sweden)


Trippo Shelves

Trippo shelving comes in three widths, three depths and ten different heights. The distance between the shelves is 138, 234 or 300 mm. The shelf unit is made from blockboard finished in birch or oak veneer, or colored lacquer. It´s as versatile as your imagination!

Designer: ulla christiansson (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Karl Andersson& Sons (Sweden)



Presented as an elegant gift set, designed by Jonas Bohlin. Available in matt or polished stainless steel with handles in dark wood. The shade of the wood varies depending on the season in which the timber was felled. More pictures under cutlery.

Designer: jonas bohlin (Sweden)
Manufacturer: klong (Sweden)



new york, United States





new york
United States

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