fitorio leksono

Singapore, Singapore



an inflatable multi definition kids furniture which stimulate kids imagination through pretend play which lead to the development of communication and problem solving skill

Designer: Fitorio Leksono (Indonesia)



Editor is a magazine rack that designed with the material efficiency and the production feasibility as the main concern. Only with a single material and with single production process. This automatically will reduce the production cost significantly.
Furthermore, this is one of the result of my exploration toward new kind of simplicity.

Designer: Fitorio Leksono (Indonesia)
Material: Acrilyc



The main objective is to extend the divercification within Jenggala's best selling design, which is frangipani flower motif.

The ball shape of this candle holder is the union of two different materials. The base, glazed in stone black, is made of stoneware, while the cover is made of translucent porcelain glazed in satin white. When lit, the candle creates shadow image through the white dome.

Designer: Fitorio Leksono (Indonesia)
Manufacturer: Jenggala Keramik (Indonesia)
Material: Translucent porcelain + Stoneware


Guk Lamp

Guk is a lamp that designed using a simple bending technique of a plastic sheet so it will produce an imaginative shape of puppy. The name of Guk itself derives from Indonesian spelling of "bark". This technique has made Guk easy to storage and flat packed since the items only contains a plastic sheet, an electric wire, and a pair of rope. This lamp is not meant to gives light only, but to start conversations.

Material : Acrillyc + electric wire + rope
Dimension: 40x20x20cm.

Designer: Fitorio Leksono (Indonesia)


Wobble Mug

The Wobble Mug is true to its name as it features an extraordinary shape that allows it to roll on its base, yet stay up enough to be functional drinking cup. You can spin, sway, and wobble this cup on your table until gravity brings it back to reality

Designer: Fitorio Leksono (Indonesia)
Manufacturer: Jenggala (Indonesia)
Material: Stoneware
Price: USD 7



mr.miyagi is a representatives of a new generation of eco design. eco friendly yet ergonomically good.

made from 2pcs bent wood and a rubber core

Designer: fitorio leksono (Singapore)
Manufacturer: looking for manufacturer


adjust chair

*powder coated stainless
*4 pcs natural finished solid wood

adjust chair is a chair that can suit with all your needs. just change the foot part and then you can have a different chair

so you don't need a lounge chair, a dinning chair, or a tatami chair, you just need an adjust chair

Designer: fitorio leksono (Singapore)
Manufacturer: waiting for manufacturer



Singapore, Singapore






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