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Natura is a sereis of lamps designed for Millumina. Sinuous shapes and warm colours creates pleasurable atmospheres. The structure is made in light modelled wood, dressed by a lighting covers made in lycra. The name “Natura” is generic because when you see the lamp you can decide whiche shape resembles: pumpkin, garlic, pear, jellyfish…

photo: Riccardo Gaglio

Designer: Francesca Bonfrate + Alessandra Bove (Italy)
Manufacturer: MILLUMINA (Italy)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood and lycra
Colours: yellow, white, red, grey
Dimension: 80 cmx 80 cm
Price: 300 euro



Tayuta is a perfect mix of formality, functionality and italian creativity.
Designed for a demanding public and dedicated to living purpose or still to public places. However, it becomes the queen of by holding your jacket or bag or umbrella on its "prosthesis". Design Francesca Bonfrate for Altridea.

Designer: Francesca Bonfrate (Italy)
Manufacturer: Altridea (Italy)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood, steel
Colours: white & grey, wood & green
Dimension: 550x960



Nature full of style and elegance, with clean forms and proof emotions. A rafined essence.

The "FIORdiLOTO" table is thinked and interpreted to became a lagoon scenario, an endless green lawn, where attractive lotus flower appears somewhere.

Are dishes,bowls, glasses, cutleries, straws, forks and spoonies, all together ape, simulating, the beauty and impalpability of perfect worlds.

Designer: BUBBLE DESIGN (Italy)
Manufacturer: KOBAYASHI PROJECT (Italy)
Material: PP
Colours: white, old-rose, green



“GUM” is a pocket container for the temporary collection of chewing gum. A new worship object which is positive for environment!
Come and view it!!!

Posti di Vista 09 - Fabbrica del Vapore
via Procaccini, 4 Milano
22-27 Aprile 2009 11:00-19:00

Designer: BUBBLE DESIGN (Italy)



Calla is an armchair in polyurethane foam covered with leather. The project comes from the desire to find a new chair that exalt, increase and underline the potential, the visual and tactile sensations of a material such as leather. This is an important feature of the goods by Martini's, which is a synonymous of elegance and value. The projectual idea belongs to the natural world, exactly from the elegant, refined and enveloping forms of the Calla.

Designer: francesca bonfrate (Italy)
Manufacturer: Martini's design (Italy)



milan, Italy


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prime cup, Triennale Museum - Regione Lombardia 2008


_Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile, Milano 2006-2007
_Prime cup, triennale design museum, Milano, 2008
_That's design, Zona tortona, Milano 2010
_DDN, design in vetrina,Milano 2010-2011




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