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The rEvolution glass points out that we are daily surrounded by monotone habits. It shows a new way of how to drink from a glass. Despite the design it is very easy both to pour and drink of the glass.

Designer: Martin Jakobsen (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: Mojoo
Price: 24,- EUR



Kkis, sweet like a kiss. An innovative design which brings after the rEvolution wine glasses a refreshment on the international design scene. Kkis is the first ice-cream canapé. You will love it! The chocolate, lemon or strawberry flavour? It is up to you how you would like to please your senses. Decorate your table with the tasty design.

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Designer: Martin Jakobsen (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: Mojoo
Price: 47,- EUR



Czech Republic


Industrial Design, Interior Design, Design Management


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The brand was founded in 2010 by product designer Martin Jakobsen. His work is mainly influenced by minimalism and a penchant for finding innovative solutions. Due to his closeness to fashion he cooperates with fashion designers. Brand philosophy is based on detailed work in terms of creating a simple, yet functional and aesthetic design.


2014 Academy of Arts, Arch. & Design in Prague
2013 Academy of Arts in Lodz
2011 Technical University of Liberec


2014 Nominated to the Stanislav Libensky Award
2014 Glass Design Award by the Preciosa F.
2014 Nominated to the European Glass Experience
2014 Nominated to the Swedish Innovation Prize


Currently working at

Semiramis (Italy), VINICE (Netherlands), Mojoo Aps (Denmark)



Czech Republic

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