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Yong-in city of South Korea, Korea, South


ZombieWalker - slippers for a small bathroom

This bathroom slipper is bilateral symmetry and double ended shape without shoe cover so it does not need to distinguish its direction, but just step on it and drag it. It is very easy to use and work for a small bathroom.

Designer: Jang Woo-seok (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: Yang Hoi-jong (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Walking Dead
Material: PVC
Colours: Black Red Blue
Dimension: 260 * 100 * 30 X2
Price: unknown EURO (EDEKA)



H-Faucet features deconstructive characteristic. Four thin pipes are used as water passageway and also to sustain the entire structure. Minimalist design with unique structure, the tap is located inside the empty space among those four pipes.

Designer: Jang Woo-seok (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: - (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Pompidou centre
Material: Chrome, FRP
Colours: Black & White
Dimension: 85x210x170mm
Price: -


Eco Toilet

Eco Toilet is designed to recycle the water, which is natually rolling down
from a washbowl. A dual water-tank which is composed of two parts;
The left part contains recycled water and the right part contains tap water.
Outwardly, it looks a normal water-tank except two levers and a single LED.
So, when the left part is full of recycled water, the LED becomes green light, then we can pull the lever for recycled water to flush the toilet.

Designer: Jang Woo-seok (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: -
Inspired By: nature
Material: pottery, stainless steel
Colours: white
Dimension: 980*830*830mm
Price: -


Bauhaus mouse

Bauhaus mouse is as part of his way to celebrate the birth of “Bauhaus”. there are separated steel parts that surround a mouse body thus creating some spaces between the mouse and your palm. The objective was to keep your hands clean and off-germs when you grab the mouse.

Designer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Bauhaus architecture
Material: PC, Stainless steel
Colours: Black & White
Dimension: 113 x 58 x 21 mm
Price: -


Biker Chair

This arm chair is specially formulated for Bikers. They feel comfortable when they are sitting on a bike outside. They also can get satisfaction by this chair during inside.

Designer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Inspired By: bike
Material: artificial leather, steel
Colours: black


The Giving Tree

An unconventional approach to outdoor bench. So, this is a new viewpoint.
The bench said, "Come, Boy, Climb up my branches and be happy."

Designer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: none
Inspired By: The Giving Tree
Material: FRP, Concrete, LED
Colours: Concrete & brown
Dimension: 220 x 205 x 220 cm
Price: -


King of Urinal

There is a urinal which looks like the king's face, and a sink is up on the urinal. Therefore, it seems that the King warns a man who does not wash his hand after his urinating “Hey!! Wash your hand here.” The important thing about this urinal is that we can recycle water. That is, after we wash our hands, we reuse the water to flush the toilet. Therefore, we can save our water. This is the king of urinal.

Designer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: -
Inspired By: King's Crown
Material: pottery, stainless steal
Colours: black & white
Dimension: 410 x 1080 x 395 mm
Price: -


Eco Bath System

it’s a water saving system that uses 50% reused water and 50% fresh water for toilet flushing. Taking inspiration from the naturally flowing waterways all around us, the Eco Bath System accumulates the water used to wash your hands, which further can be reused to clean the toilet.

Designer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: none
Inspired By: cascade
Material: Stainless Steel / FRP
Colours: white & black
Dimension: 1760x1060x890mm
Price: none


Twist Bench

This bench satisfies with ‘Functional aspects’, ‘Productivity’, and ‘Aesthetic aspects’ with just three components. The bigger accomplishment of this work is what the bench of creative style is made. I tried to build this pattern what could create maximum from minimum. This pattern is very effective and pure; furthermore it becomes the form of beauty when it is repeated.

Designer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Twister
Material: Steel, FRP
Colours: gray, blue
Dimension: general bench
Price: not yet started


Dove Bookshelf

A bookshelf in dove shape.

Designer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: Jang Wooseok (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Birds
Material: Plywood



Yong-in city of South Korea, Korea, South


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Yong-in city of South Korea
Korea, South

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