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Linter, Belgium


Thing desk table

MaaK is looking for the balance between old and new in this piece of furniture. The contrasting styles result in a unique design. The severe white tabletop reconciles with the wooden fifties-­sixties style element. In this way,Thing brings back the nostalgic age of retro into our modern offices. The contemporary flying desk office principle asks for a practical and temporary place to work. A number of things can be stored in the oak compartment.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: MaaK (Belgium)
Inspired By: office desk form the fifties-sixties
Material: wood
Colours: white
Dimension: 1500x600x735
Price: 799



Maak knows how to breath new life in archetypal designs with simple techniques and combines the quality of centuries-old craftsmanship with new technologies.
The iron wrought candlestick gets a refined, sleek and modern successor.

The candlestick is designed at the time there was a power shortage in 2014 due problems with the nuclear power plants in Belgium. The candlestick is named after the nuclear power plant in Tihange.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: (Belgium)
Colours: brass or black spray painted


ONO bench

Steel or aluminum outdoor furniture. Made from 4mm aluminum or 6 mm steel.
Available in different RAL colors.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Wolters-Mabeg (Belgium)
Inspired By: a victorian sofa
Material: steel or aluminum
Colours: RAL-colors
Dimension: different dimensions, see product description.
Price: 799



Lamp with a lighting fixture made of powder coated steel combined with a classic shade. The foot is white powder coated. The shade is finished with a fabric with an authentic scene.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: MaaK (Belgium)
Colours: Blue or Red graphic
Dimension: 1000x400x800mm
Price: 579 Euro



Simple but stylish lamp made from veneer. The shape and brightness can be adjusted through the rings.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: MaaK (Belgium)
Material: veneer
Dimension: 15 x 50 cm



Duo is a cabinet consisting of an old cabinet integrated into a modern furniture. Within today's busy society, the human needs memories, affection and rustic accents from the past. "MaaK" transforms inherited furniture into a modern design without losing its value and fits in the modern interiors of today.

Designer: MaaK (Belgium)
Manufacturer: MaaK (Belgium)
Material: wood & metal rings
Dimension: 150x41,5x46cm



Linter, Belgium


Industrial Design, Interior Design, 3-D Modeling


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Robbert Ramaekers
Melkwezerstraat 52
3350 Linter

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