marius goetze

Solingen (Knife-City), Germany


Triangle Spice Set

A set of kitchen tools such as a spice mill, a herbal cutter and a mortar with a pestel. All of these feature a rounded triangle shape that appeals excellently to your hand. Made of hightech-concrete: beautiful and hygienic.

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)
Manufacturer: marius goetze (Germany)
Inspired By: Triangles and concrete
Material: hightech concrete
Colours: grey
Dimension: proportioned for hand use
Price: -


Faso Lounge Chair

The graphic layout of Faso only adopts the contour of a classic Lounge Chair, not the voluminous cushions of the archetype. The comfort is provided by thin wood ledges that flexibly react on weight. Upholstered with wool felt and bio-cotton fabrics from Burkina Faso, Africa. Exhibited at the IMM Cologne in January 2010. Less input, same comfort.

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)
Manufacturer: marius goetze (Germany)
Inspired By: outlines
Material: oak, plywood, felt and african bio-cotton
Colours: oak and cream-white
Dimension: L 750 x H 750 x W 650 mm
Price: Prototype


cycopac by marius goetze

CYCOPAC is a modular shelfing-system made of used fruit / vegetable-boxes used in supermarkets worldwide. The cardboard-modules can be stacked on top of each, side by side and shifted as well. The random surface-design is due to the materials origin, because every box is unique. In accumulation it forms a compact display-system for all your goods starting with your freshest books and ending with your oldest videotapes. Sometimes it's so easy being green.

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)
Manufacturer: marius goetze
Inspired By: fruits and vegetables, no meat at all.
Material: cardboard
Colours: random
Dimension: 36 x 36 x 28,5 cm


ypsum by marius goetze

the ypsum table-lamp was inspired by the gorgeous shapes of the ice crystal. I broke down the hexagon to the triangle and added some light. the material-input is reduced to a minimum with a lampshade made of 2-D polypropylene film and a metal-baseplate. triangles rule!

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)
Manufacturer: marius goetze (Germany)


tubbs - clothtub by marius goetze

tubbs is a clothtub which is a bit indiscrete, because it shows you all the dirty things it contains, but that makes up some colour to the exterior. made of translucent PP and thick felt held together by buttons it is a cool gadget for your home. wanna get one?

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)
Manufacturer: marius goetze (Germany)


multi-functional furniture for design academy

this "thing" is a chair and a table, a console for presentations as well as a table for working. made for the needs of a design academy. made of plywood in contrasting colours.

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)


onair radio case by marius goetze

inspired by contemporary design, this is my concept for a stereo soundstation that is both audible and visible.

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)



A luminaire manufactured with a socket made of concrete and an eco-friendly illuminant. The shapes of both, socket and bulb, are in close relation to reach a high level of simplicity and minimalism. The round cut-out is made for good handling by right- and left-handed users.

Designer: marius goetze (Germany)
Manufacturer: marius goetze (Germany)



dipl. productdesigner/ecosigner


Solingen (Knife-City), Germany


Industrial Design, Interior Design, Packaging






apprenticeship as carpenter, general woodworking


ecosign academy cologne


Cologne: Passagen 08-10, Ökorausch 08-09, IMM 2010| Berlin: Green Shopping 09, nat. Ressources 09 | Essen: CSCP 09



Solingen (Knife-City)

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