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Rotterdam, Netherlands


95% Wood Chair

The 95% wood chair is characterized by his bend plywood frame and a steel round tube frontleg which gives the chair a pleasant form. A new 2,5 mm thick flexibale composite backrest and seat make this chair very comfortable and gives you the perfect fit. This cleverly designed wooden chair with his characteristic steel foreleg can be used not only in residential spaces but also in business surroundings.

Designer: Remmelt Dirksen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Melt Interieur (Netherlands)
Material: Birch wood, steel tub
Colours: Birch wood, bleu
Dimension: 780 mm (h) x 400 mm (w) x 515 mm (d)
Price: Prototype



This low 2 meter long coffee table with its slim form seems not big but you can’t miss it. The meltingpoint table has a very outstanding shape which is very different from varying angles. With its three legs the table even seems to be instable, but you will be surprised how well balanced the meltingpoint is. This playful design lightens up your living room or any other place where you would like to relax and put your feet up.

Designer: Remmelt Dirksen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Prototype (Netherlands)
Inspired By: A table in the old cruise ship SS Rotterdam
Material: Birch plywood
Colours: Natural
Dimension: 2000 x 490 x 310 mm


5° desk

The 5° desk provides a refreshing approach to office furniture. It can be positioned freely and is designed for the dynamics of a contemporary (home)office. The use of specific angles in the design makes it look slightly out of balance and gives it an exciting look from different directions. The positioning of the desktop at 5° makes working with a laptop very comfortable. Being online at any place these days, you just lift up your workstation and roll it to the other site of the room or office.

Designer: Remmelt Dirksen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Prototype
Material: Birch plywood
Colours: Natural
Dimension: 790 x 920 x 860



Rotterdam, Netherlands


Interior Design




Remmelt Dirksen started his furniture design career in 1999 when he followed the cabinetmaker academy for four years. After completing this course he studied interior architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.After completing his studies, Remmelt start his own studio Melt Interieur in 2007. Since then he has worked on various projects as a cabinetmaker, interior architect and furniture designer alongside designing his own furniture line.


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