Stockholm, Sweden


Chairs stacked in sunset colours

Designed by o4i design studio based in Sweden, by awarded Scandinavian designers Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström these super light and well balanced chair brings the best out of molded plywood: with a minimum of material and a maximum of strength, comfort and style. ZESTY chairs are available in any RAL colour and will add a colourful accent to any living space. Because of it's characteristics and weight- just as little as 3 kg, ZESTY chair is stackable up to 15 pieces.

Designer: o4i studio (Sweden)
Manufacturer: PLYCOLLECTION (Latvia)
Inspired By: Beautiful colours of sunset
Material: pressed plywood
Colours: any RAL colour


PodSeat & PodSofa

PodSeat and PodSofa create flexible areas that boost the productivity and well-being of users by offering various ways of meeting, focusing or reading.
The window is one of the key features that makes these compact units feel roomy and spacious; they are at a comfortable height serving as an extended armrest, besides they also give a lighter visual feel to the product and they help you to see at a glance if any unit is occupied.

Designer: o4i (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Martela (Finland)



Silenci brings together two materials in a sensational combo: solid wood frame and a soft polyurethan back. The flexible rubber-like back gives comfort, and together with an acoustic sound absorbing class A panel hidden under the seat, noise are reduced to accomodate public areas where upholstered seating cannot be used such as schools, canteens, restaurants and bars. The Silenci family includes a chair, barstool and a table with various bases.

Designer: o4i
Manufacturer: de Nord (Sweden)
Material: solid wood frame, molded plywood seat, polyurethan (PUR) back


Diagonal by o4i

Diagonal is an innovative combination of sofa and space divider for public indoor spaces. It was designed to meet the needs of modern working environments and waiting areas which demand flexibility and privacy.

Diagonal consists of two basic elements: a padded seat and a screen that can be placed as  desired in the diagonal grooves in the padded seat. Although there are only two elements,  they can be combined in almost endless ways.

Designer: o4i (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Martela (Finland)


ZESTY by o4i

ZESTY is a brand new, all-plywood chair, designed by o4i with the intention to challenge and fully utilize Chair Baltic’s great skills in moulded plywood production. The result is a “spicy”, super light and well balanced chair
that brings the best out of molded plywood – with a
minimum of material and a maximum of comfort and style.

Designer: o4i (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Chair Baltic (Latvia)



Stockholm, Sweden


Industrial Design, Interior Design





o4i is managed and supervised by design partners Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström.The studio has a multidisciplinary approach to product design based on modern industrial parameters, driven by a curiosity for materials and processes. Being based in Stockholm, Sweden, the studio focuses on contemporary
public and domestic furniture- and consumer products and develops unique concepts for various international clients.


Red Dot Award, ADEX Platinum Award, Good Design Award, ID Magazine Destinction Award, International Design Award, German Design Prize Nominee, Exellent Swedish Design Award, Forsnäs Prize


Clients:Blå Station, David Design, de Nord, Dune NY, EQ3, Fritz Hansen, IKEA, Martela, Maze Interior, Peter Pepper Products, PlyCollection.



Fjällgatan 36
116 28 Stockholm

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