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The name "chan" is inspired by haute couture, the fashion label CHANEL and its black / white collections.
You can fold your personal luminaire shape. Depending on the foldingshape the space is illuminated by more or less light.
The "chan"- floor- and hanginglamps are supply with the LED bulbs from Philips. When using this LED bulb you can save 80% energy.
I produce the "chan" in the finest craftsmanship.

Designer: sapperlot - productdesign (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: sabine probst (Switzerland)
Inspired By: LED Technic, Bionik, chanel
Material: nylon, Alu, Bakelit
Colours: black, white
Dimension: S / M / L
Price: 330 EUR / 455 EUR


«chan02» The transformable floor lamp

«chan.02» is a flexible and adaptable LED lamp that makes your interior a poetry of light. With «chan.02» you can fully brighten your living space or play with the different shades of dim and bright light. You design your own light effects according to your needs and personal taste.

Designer: Sabine Probst (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Sabine Probst (Switzerland)
Inspired By: bionic and sustainable design
Material: textile, LED lamp, music stand
Colours: black and white
Dimension: up to about 1.65 m, 1,4 kg
Price: 550.00 CHF, 455.00 EUR



A tailor-made furniture for the small bathroom.

The "grabber" is made with the minimum of material and production costs. A simple piece of furniture that can be assembled quickly and without tools.

The components are made of Hi-Macs ® residual material chrome steel pins and nylon fabric (Badanzugstoff). The coated with nylon fabric furniture, enables fast bring out the bathroom accessories.

Weight: 15.8 kg

Designer: sabine probst (Switzerland)
Material: HiMacs®, Nylon
Colours: white, yellow
Dimension: 600mm x 615mm x 210mm



Of an individually produced mugs, it can feast still enjoyable.
The "Schlemmbecher" were produced by a hand-crafted plaster original form and subsequent ceramic casting. The ensuing, gentle irregularity of the cup shape and its understated décor, the increased attention of the connoisseur, not only visually, but also to the touch. An interaction with content and vascular gaining in importance. A treat for all the senses.

Designer: sabine probst (Switzerland)
Material: ceramic



YPSYLON ist eine komfortable Lösung für den Businessmann.
Der Herrendiener YPSYLON ermöglicht ein kultiviertes Aufhängen des Anzuges.
Die typische Schichtstruktur des Formholzes in Kombination mit Metall nimmt Bezug auf den Nadelstreifenstoff, der in der Herrenbekleidung von grosser Beliebtheit ist.  YPSYLON besteht aus wenigen Elementen. Der Benutzer kann sich sein YPSYLON selbst zusammen stecken.

Designer: sapperlot Produktdesign by sabine probst (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Konzept
Inspired By: Firma Becker
Material: Formholz
Colours: Buche
Dimension: 1600 x 500 x 500



Produkt/Industriedesignerin BA FHNW


Olten, Switzerland


Industrial Design, Interior Design, 3-D Modeling




sapperlot - productdesign: gestaltet Konsum- und Investitionsgter fr Unternehmen und Private

Durch die Wahrnehmung der Wünsche und Bedürfnisse der Menschen entwickelt sapperlot massgeschneiderte Designkonzepte.
sapperlot berücksichtigt neue Materialien und Technologien für die Gestaltung umweltschonender Produkte.


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz HGK Aarau

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Jungmitglied sda swiss design association



Fustlighalde 31
4600 Olten

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