simple GmbH

Koeln, Germany


F&M Retail Corporate Design & Fair Stand

Simple develops Corporate Design for F&M Retail and designed stand, website, image brochure, stationery. Creative principle is a “room corner” – where wall, ceiling and floor meet seamlessly. At EuroShop 2017, surfaces such as concrete, rubber granules, solid wood along with corporate colors create a three-dimensional collage of materials. The folding ruler is showcased as space-defining curtain, give-away, interactive game. Paying tribute to the corporate color, red Bitterinos awaited visitors. photocredit: Martin Müller, Berlin & Simple GBMH

Designer: Simple GmbH (Germany)
Manufacturer: F&M Retail (Germany)
Material: concrete, rubber granules, solid wood
Colours: red


simple globe

,simple makes the world go round. – Turn the globe and discover the world. The two-part user interface consisting of a revolving globe and a touchscreen inspires visitors to explore. According to the position of the globe, the 3-D model with the information spots turns on the touchscreen. By touching a spot, the user can call up films, text and informative charts and in this way find out more about content. The weather-resistant , simple globe is used at events, trade fairs and conferences.

Designer: simple (Germany)
Manufacturer: simple GmbH (Germany)



Koeln, Germany




simple globe




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