soojin hyun

Korea, South


Mr. Chair

During our research of chairs, we found that armchairs and men have a lot in common, Men have arms, skin, and muscles and comparatively, armchairs have arms, leather and cushion. Mr. Chair shows the commonalities with a dignified wit. ** we have a plan to show different colors of Mr. Chair, such as human skin has different colors.

Photographer : Mina Hwang
Model : Misun Lee

Designer: Soojin Hyun, Sangho Park (Korea, South)


Doodle lamp

Light doesn’t have a shape, but I imagined it has one. As I imagined randomly drawn doodles filling up space, I imagined the doodles becoming light, and I found it to be attractive like poetry.

Designer: Soojin Hyun (Korea, South)
Dimension: 230 x 155mm


Magnolia over the door

Doors have been used as an invitation into the mysterious world in novels, movies, and art. Magnolia over the door is a door hook that just might guide you to imagine the world on the other side of the door. Perhaps, if you open the door, you will find spring waiting for you.

Designer: Soojin Hyun (Korea, South)
Dimension: left - 508.6 x 782mm, right - 605.8 x 634.8mm


flexible cup

Flexible cup is made of ceramic, but it looks streched by a spoon like elastic

Designer: Soojin Hyun (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: Soojin Hyun (Korea, South)
Material: ceramic
Colours: white


House on the table by Soojin Hyun

“House on the table” is a personal office table.

“House on the table” consists of 1 table, 4 walls and 1 roof. You can choose your preferred walls and roof from diverse designs. Each of the walls has its own function as a wall itself, with a bookshelf, with the windows, and with a drawer and a door which are in the office.
and if there are many in one office, it becomes a town.

Designer: Soojin Hyun (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: Michel dickhaut (Netherlands)



Korea, South




Currently working at

Design Mong Studio



Korea, South

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