studio ziben

Berlin, Germany



peer vermittelt Disziplin und Tradition in Form und Funktion und orientiert sich durch seine Gradlinigkeit und zeitlose Eleganz am Stil der Moderne. Die Kissen werden in zahlreichen Formen und Maßen angeboten und erlauben Ihnen den eigenen Sitz- oder Liegenkomfort zu bestimmen.
Alle Rücken- und Sitzkissen sind abziehbar.

Designer: ziben (Germany)
Manufacturer: studio ziben (Germany)
Inspired By: klassische Moderne
Material: Esche massiv, Wolle.
Colours: grau
Dimension: H 740 mm, B 2260 mm, T 830 mm
Price: 3.590,- Euro



Schaukelstuhl mit Zeitschriftentasche, H 690 mm, B 610 mm, T 690 mm; Serienprodukt gepolstert (Stoff: 90 % Schurwolle, Kammgarn, 10 % Nylon), Gestell aus Eiche Massivholz weiß geölt.

Designer: ziben (Germany)
Manufacturer: studio ziben (Poland)
Inspired By: meine Oma :)
Material: Eiche, Schurwolle
Colours: rot, blau, anthrazit
Dimension: 690x610x690mm
Price: 1.190,- Euro


windrobe grey

vitrine, MDF high glossy varnished, 135 years old windows from Berlin, the size is perfect for a small home library or for kitschen stuff.

Designer: ziben (Germany)
Manufacturer: studio ziben (Germany)
Inspired By: Berlin buildings facades
Material: MDF
Colours: grey
Price: 2.700,-Euro


work desk by studio ziben

Old wood found at demolition sites, renovated houses or simply laying around in courtyards offer a terrific basis for new furniture concepts. Old floorboards, build-ing elements or simply a carpenter’s waste are turned into new unique pieces of furniture.

Designer: ziben
Manufacturer: studio ziben
Inspired By: City Berlin
Material: old floor boards
Colours: wood
Dimension: 1000x500x750
Price: 839,- Euro


street chairs

old chairs founded on the street in Berlin turn to the new unique pieces, modest and individual

Designer: ziben
Material: old wood
Colours: black,white, wood colour
Price: 4 pieces - 1.056,- Euro


mosaic stools

unique stools made out of old wood (recycled) and old chair which could be used as well as a casual table

Designer: ziben
Inspired By: wooden floor, mosaic



unique vitrines collaction made out of old windows (first part: Berlin old windows) which changed their function...they are not windows anymore but DOORS...

Designer: ziben
Manufacturer: studio ziben
Inspired By: old buildings fasades
Material: recycling wood (windows) MDF high glossy (body)
Colours: white, grey
Dimension: many different
Price: 650-2.500 euro


recycling box

the box is made out of old case of wine and old pieces of wood...all I could find in a garbage near by my house in Berlin!

Designer: ziben (Germany)
Inspired By: me
Material: recycling holz
Dimension: 490x490x330mm
Price: 470 euro


folky chairs

the idea was to give a new life to those beautiful but sad pieces

Designer: studio ziben
Inspired By: folk
Material: wood-recycling
Price: 200 euro (per piece)



a working place at home seems to be more and more important. there is a personal piece of furniture you can use as your home office, there is some place for your documents, books, laptop.

Designer: ziben (Germany)
Inspired By: old pram I saw in the garbage
Material: oak wood, MDF
Colours: white
Dimension: 1190x875x500
Price: 3.700,-euro



highboard, MDF glossy varnished

Designer: ziben
Inspired By: old furniture
Material: MDF
Colours: white grey green black
Dimension: 418x1200x450mm
Price: 2.350,-



unique cabinet

Designer: ziben
Manufacturer: studio-ziben
Inspired By: old furniture
Material: MDF, old wood
Colours: white
Dimension: 520x1420x400mm
Price: 1.650 euro


trash boy

sideboard with a small bar, 2 drawers and 3 shelves for magz ( 1 is hidden :-))

Designer: ziben
Inspired By: garbage and old furniture
Material: MDF
Colours: white
Price: 1.450,-



dinning chair, oak oiled wood,

Designer: ziben
Dimension: 520x420x720mm



another piece of recycling furniture from studio ziben from Berlin, unique piece hand painted - as a casual table

Designer: ziben
Material: wood, MDF
Colours: antrazit
Dimension: 550x460x450mm
Price: 570 Euro


studio bench_oak

oak bench which can be used as a sit place or tv sideboard or casual sideboard
just having fun with multifunctional piece of furniture

Designer: ziben


Louis & Louis

one piece of furniture with air inbetween...inspired from the classic old furniture

Designer: ziben


studio drawer

occasional table with drawer, oak wood and MDF varnished

Designer: ziben


spartan desk

spartan way of working at home :-)

Designer: ziben


recycling chairs

the idea was to give the new life to those beautiful but sad pieces

Designer: studio ziben


folky chairs

my last game with old restaurant chair, before sad and dirty, now funny and friendly

Designer: ziben



the bags for daily use I made from second hand T-shirts and fabrics I found in second hand shops
the old clothes can serve you another years :-) with fun and pleasure of it

Designer: ziben


studio collage bench

the plate is made out of old magz, as a collage of different pictures croped like I wanted :-) legs-oak wood gives to this project the right dignity

Designer: ziben


schizzo free chair by studio ziben

the rest what I had at home and in the celler I used to do those chairs...

Designer: ziben (Germany)



the sideboaerd is made with mdf glossylak and partly with walnut

Designer: mariusz malecki



The small sideboard offers a space for shoes and small things you need to store. All made with varnished MDF, the top is with walnut wood.

Designer: ziben (Germany)



Berlin, Germany


Industrial Design, Interior Design, Fashion/Apparel




Mariusz Malecki, the designer and the owner of the brand Studio Ziben, was born in Poland. His childhood and youth are dominated by the socialist design of the eastern block. After graduating from high-school he started to study design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (PL) and Minerva Academy in Groningen (NL). During his studies he started to make his first designs and worked for polish furniture industry. In 2007 he moved to Berlin to create his own furniture brand.




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