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tom de vrieze

Antwerp, Belgium



A garden tool mounted on a broomstick to repair lawn spots easily.
Aeration, Verticutting & Overseed in one.
It is a proportional grass seed dispenser for lawn care.

Designer: Tom De Vrieze (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (United States)
Inspired By: Need
Material: Nylon 3D-printed
Colours: White
Dimension: 13.124 w x 7.526 d x 4.194 h (cm)
Price: around 49


Monocover for plastic chair

Personalize your monobloc plastic chair with the DIY manual and guidelines to build your monocover with the endless variations of oilcloth fabrics

Designer: Tom De Vrieze (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Tovdesign (Belgium)
Material: Oilcloth
Colours: various
Dimension: model related
Price: 1 euro


clutch - evening/party bag

'clutch' is a party bag that has no handle and no zipper/button to close it.
to close this handbag you only need to twist it gentle. The function of the opening flanges are to prevent objects fall out easily when 'un-twisted'
show off this party bag at your hollywood award ceremonies, cannes presence or just on New Year's Eve.
‘clutch’ is made of floor foam underlay (alu-foam) that is stapled together.
This makes ‘clutch’ arrogant, or perhaps innovative.

Designer: tom de vrieze (Belgium)
Manufacturer: tovdesign (Belgium)
Inspired By: several reasons
Material: alu foam underlay 3 mm and 26/6 staples
Colours: silver
Dimension: W×H×D : 270 × 85 × 60 mm / 10.63 x 3.34 x 2.36 in - weight : 5 gram
Price: 15 euro



a thin tubular outdoor z-chair with profile 30x15 mm (1.18x0.59 in), plastic reinforcement inside and a mon-like part that works also an absorber.
some z-chairs tend to undulate, this chair remains stable and once seated it reduces the wave effect.

Designer: Tom De Vrieze (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Joli - (Belgium)
Inspired By: zig-zag
Material: stainless steel and textilene
Colours: various
Dimension: w x h x d : 550x874x575 mm


DIY - kraftwerk by Tovdesign

kraftwerk, DIY cardboard chair

Designer: Tom De Vrieze (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Tovdesign (Belgium)


ad apollo

an angel brings a led ring towards apollo, also known as the god of light.
materials : papier-mâché and led-technology

Designer: tom de vrieze (Belgium)
Manufacturer: tovdesign (Belgium)


sunlounger fragrance

the goal was make a 'curved' sunlounger that would fit all ages and size of people, so to make this modular i splitted the sunlounger in 2 parts.

the last or 'leg'-part is made with an asymmetrical angle, when you switch it, the sunlounger has a small curve for small people and vice versa.

the current protoype is made of cardboard wood 3,2 mm, is very light and strong due to the polygon superstructure.

the hardboard structure is first taped and than glued with polyurethane.

Designer: tom de vrieze (Belgium)
Manufacturer: tovdesign (Belgium)


aije the light [tovdesign]

light design, you need to pinch a ball to switch on the light. dimensions (mm) width x height x depth: 985x1915x10. materials: acrylate, led-technology (various colors).




Antwerp, Belgium





Graaf Van Hoornestraat 29 bus 1

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