Leipzig, Germany


Plant Trolley

moveable planting pot - no more heavy pots, useable for indoor and outdoor, suitable for climbing plants, natural privacy screen on your balcony, handle = climbing aid outside the pot -> rot proof -> windproof, climbing aid closer to the pot center /root, with water level indicator, outdoor with overflow, available in darkgrey/white

Designer: Jörg Brachmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: URBANATURE (Germany)
Inspired By: daily routine
Material: plastic PE, larch
Colours: white, darkgrey
Dimension: d - 39 cm, 120 cm
Price: 129,00 EUR



URBANATURE says “yes” to a car-free city – and turns into a new product line. The BikeBlock – is made for all fast bikes and all tire dimensions. The wheel tire is driven into the BikeBlock and fixed solely by tire pressure.

URBANATURE sagt „JA“ zur autofreien Stadt – und biegt ab in eine neue Produktlinie. Der BikeBlock – ist für alle schnellen Räder und alle Reifenstärken. Der Radreifen wird in den BikeBlock eingefahren und klemmt ganz alleine durch den Reifendruck.

Designer: Jörg Brachmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: URBANATURE (Germany)
Inspired By: old east german bicycle stands
Material: concrete
Colours: grey
Dimension: 20x20x20
Price: 89,00


Garden Scissors - indoor/outdoor

…. growing vegetables on your balcony? How would you like having a garden field in your home? Does urban gardening work?

Urbanature has given some thought to this and developed a new product: the Garden Scissors. The Construction is variable, extendible up to 1,80 m and is the saison over you only have to fold and take it in your cellar. The plant containers are rugged designed and light.

Designer: Jörg Brachmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: URBANATURE (Germany)
Inspired By: laundry dryer
Material: solid wood, galvanised metal, lacquered
Colours: oak, walnut, white
Dimension: 40 x 57cm, hight max. 180cm
Price: 280,00 EUR



The HOCHGARTEN is suitable for all pot plants up to 13 cm across. Use it to present all sorts of plants, indoors and out. A real eye-catcher in the kitchen, hallway or open-plan office – and a floral scent to greet you: the HOCHGARTEN generates a certain atmosphere.

A specially developed casting process allows for a concrete wall that is a sensational 7 mm thick.

Designer: Jörg Brachmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: URBANATURE (Germany)
Material: concrete, solid wood, stainless steel
Colours: grey or white concrete + oak, ash or walnut
Dimension: 1,48 m x d - 40cm
Price: 299,-


SPICEBOARD one, two, three

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. With fresh herbs you have good food in your own hands every day.

The SPICEBOARD is an accessory for gourmets. Fresh herbs are brought to the table in style. Until now you needed to a cutting board, a knife, and herbs. The SPICEBOARD provides the solution and makes refining food with fresh herbs an experience. Tableware - simply rethought.

Designer: Jörg Brachmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: urbanature (Germany)
Material: solid wood, ceramik, steel
Colours: ash, oak, walnut
Dimension: 46cm x 22cm x 8cm
Price: 189,00


stehauf Kräuterflakon

Flasks for everything, which sweet smells and which constitutes certain difference. Whatever herbs or tea – stands bolt upright when the chips are down – moves permantly when you need it.

Designer: Jörg Brachmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: urbanature (Germany)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: solide wood, glas, metall
Colours: walnut, ash, oak
Dimension: h 14,0 cm, d 7,0 cm, 100 ml volume
Price: 29,00 EUR



Leipzig, Germany






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