willem heeffer

Helsinki, Finland


Drum light

Powder coated recycled drum
Fabric braided cable 2m
Osram circular fluorescent lamp 55W
Cool white 4200 Lm
Diffuser frost acrylic

Designer: Willem Heeffer (Finland)
Manufacturer: Willem Heeffer (Finland)
Material: Stainless steel - powder coated
Colours: pink, blue, white, grey, green and orange
Dimension: 480mm in diamter and 360mm high


Heinz Beanz Chandelier in Midhill

334 recycled cans are used for Top chef Hans Välimäki’s new American diner in Helsinki, Finland. This is up cycling in industrial scale. After collection at the many committed restaurants and cleaning, these tins are transformed into fork and knife holders, bar lights, a floor to ceiling storage display and three chandeliers. The chandeliers give home to 21 Heinz Beanz classics each. The lamps fit perfectly into the interior designed by Martina Rosenqvist and Vera Öller. 

Designer: Willem Heeffer (Finland)
Material: recycled cans


Oil drum light

36 recycled can lights in total for the new Midhill restaurant in Linnanmäki, Helsinki Finland. Designer Willem Heeffer salvaged these drums from the local oil recycling center, cleaned them and turned them into vintage lamp shades.

De 31cm tall lamps come with tuna can ceiling roses and fabric braided cable.

Designer: Willem Heeffer (Finland)
Manufacturer: Willem Heeffer (Finland)
Material: Recycled oil drums
Dimension: 31cm x 28cm diameter
Price: 90 Eur


Ski chandelier

Designer Willem Heeffer created this custom light feature for Elamusmatkat, a Helsinki based travel angency.
With the help of Elamysmatkat's many Facebook friends who donated their old ski’s, Willem created the ski-chandelier. This colourful up-cycled lamp serves as a great interior decoration for the office and it immediately shows what they are all about: fun, daring and winter sports!

Designer: Willem Heeffer (Finland)
Manufacturer: Willem Heeffer (Finland)
Material: Mild steel rings with re-used ski's
Dimension: 110cm Height and 70cm in diameter



Helsinki, Finland






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