City + Country Portraits

DESIGNSPOTTER Canada Lifestyle Tour 2008

The DESIGNSPOTTER-Team consists of Ioanna Paraskeva and Markus Gogolinwho will be travelling to Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Banff and Edmonton and produce video portraits and reports of carefully selected personalities in the context of "Lifestyle".

All video portraits and reports, podcasts and picture galleries will be uploaded on our very new domain (coming soon).

Canada is usually considered a classic holiday-destination for men. The vast country invites you to discover its distinctive and unforgettable nature.

The major Canadian cities are multicultural, lively and exciting. They are the perfect breeding ground for various sorts of urban trends. And one of them is called LIFESTYLE.

People with these attributes usually show an interest in art, fine dining, music and other topics such as mentioned above. They belong to a segment of the population that thinks in broad terms and acts with intensity and dedication.

The point of the "DESIGNSPOTTER lifestyle tour" across Canada is to experience a cross-section of Canada’s myriad of features regarding modern life, work, and pleasures. Thanks to our ROADSPOTTER video format we can make Canada accessible and tangible in a very individual way. Watch out for

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