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Adorn New Jewellery

The jewellery in Adorn is set out over six chapters:
“Earrings,” “Necklaces,” “Brooches,” “Bracelets,” “Rings” and “Body Pieces.”

The work featured is a mixture of jewellery made from the latest technologies and processes, as well as more traditional methods and materials.

The work is not only a product of talented, creative minds and an aray of wonderfully varied materials, but it is also a product of the socities we live in. Jewellery made for and by those living in the 21st century and all the issues it brings with it. Obviously recycling, sustainability and ethical practice are current global concerns and whether a jewellery designer is creating an individual stainless steel origami style ring, like Wendy Hacker Moss (USA), or incorporating rubber tyres into a piece like MADE, a London based fairtrade jewellery company, these issues cannot be ignored.

“The versatility of contemporary jewellery, in both scale and material, allows its artists to move away from convention and demonstrate some of the most provocative and dynamic... pieces” (Amanda Mansell)

There is also a continued debate around the possibilities and the limitations of new technologies compared to the ogranic approach and traditional hand skills. It can be argued that the touch of a hand is part of the essential experience of jewellery making, while it can also be argued that a machine working at speed allows time for further creativity and to produce outstanding masterpieces that
could not be created by hand.

Amanda Mansell graduated from the Royal College of Art, London with an MA in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork, and Jewellery. She has been a designer-maker for ten years, working from her workshop in Hatton Garden, London’s famous jewellery quarter. She manages the jewellery archives at the Royal Colege of Art and is owner and director of a contemporary Jewellery gallery in London.

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