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The Belgian Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica was officially inaugurated on 15 February 2009 in the presence of an international delegation of journalists and political representatives. The project, initiated by International Polar Foundation, was made possible thanks to the support of various partners, both public and private.

The completion of the construction is the result of two years of work. This "zero emission" station is a major accomplishment and sets a new standard for future stations. Moreover, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is the only station to be entirely built during the International Polar Year.

A sign of the growing interest in sustainable solutionsThe combination of existing technologies such as energy management, passive building, or even construction as such, make the station a pioneering achievement in Antarctica and a milestone of sustainable development.


Besides its scientific mission, the station also has an educational mission and therefore activities at the station will be followed under "Class Zero Emission", a project by the IPF supported by the Dutch- and French-speaking communities of Belgium.


This interactive workshop, which opens in March 2009, will try to stimulate thought and action about sustainable development among young people, and will put emphasis on the importance of polar science.

Aiming for zero emmissionsThis project is a major first: the only polar base operating entirely on renewable energies! It represents a technical achievement blending the best both science and technology can offer.

By bringing together international technology and expertise, "Princess Elisabeth" combines eco-friendly construction materials, clean and efficient energy use, optimization of the station's energy consumption and the best waste management techniques.


These leading techniques and facilities will aim to reduce the station's ecological footprint on the pristine environment of Antarctica, following the principles set forth by the Antarctic Treaty.
pictures by R.Robert - © International Polar Foundation

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