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Science gets on tracks

This year, a science exhibition in a show train will be touring Germany. The 300 metre long Science Express starts its seven month journey to more than 60 cities in Berlin on April 23rd. 

Twelve carriages showcase cutting edge science and technology in today’s groundbreaking fields including nanotechnology, life sciences or sustainable energy research. The exhibition will introduce possible answers by science to issues that will affect our everyday lives in the coming decades such as climate change, health care and the world’s increasing population.

The Science Express is designed and operated by the Max-Planck-Society with funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It features fascinating hands-on-experiments and exhibits from numerous German universities, research institutes and corporations. This touring exhibition is a central part of the current German Science Year’s public outreach programme.

The Science Express opens its doors at 63 railway stations throughout the country. The entrance is free.


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