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5GUM Vision Lab visionaries found

The "Ocean-Cookbook" by Berlin based Nadine Freischlad and Nina Eggemann won the 5GUM Vision Lab Award, priced with 10.000 Euro. Kai Panholzer, CEO of Wrigley Germany presented the proud winners on June 25, 2009 in Berlin.

"It was a project with extraordinary draft". The jury represented by Eley Kishimoto, Sissel Tolaas, Ewan Pearson, Telse Bus, Front and Scott Schuman elected the Ocean-Cookbook as the winner of the 5GUM Vision Lab competition.

"With lightly hand this project deals with big future questions like climate change, technology and prospective lifestyle. The conceptual approach is comprehensive: In the existing context as well as in bordering project fields."


Ocean-Cookbook: Techniques and receipes for future life on oceansWith 71% of the Earth’s surface covered by it, life on the oceans is an attractive future option. A challenge will be the shift of diet. The Ocean_Cookbook explores all aspects of nutrition under saline conditions, ranging from DIY solutions to cultivate plant and animal life, purify water, up to preparing meals.

With illustrations, instructions and insights from the experience of seafaring people, adventurers and shipwreck survivors, our book aims to spark imagination. It offers an optimistic approach to actual threats: rising sea levels, salinisation of soil, and scarcity of fresh water are inevitable future issues.

The Ocean_Cookbook bases on an ongoing international project on the boundaries of art, design and science: Open_Sailing. They’re building a floating architecture, a lab for techno-social experiments towards self-sufficient, nomadic lifestyles at sea. In addition to its printed version, the Ocean_Cookbook will grow within the Open_Sailing blog.

A further highlight of this special evening was the 5GUM launch party were more than 2.000 guests celebrated all night long the introduction of Wrigleys brand new lifestyle chewing gum.


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