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VELTINS Design Lounge @ CONTAIN Gallery

Touch it, feel it, paste and taste it:

Be part of the art in the VELTINS Design Lounge

While during Kölner Passagen week designers and design aficionados will be all over Cologne, watching, VELTINS in cooperation with CONTAIN Gallery invites them to literally take part in the art:

from January 18th til Sunday 24th CONTAIN Gallery will transform into the VELTINS Design Lounge where visitors can actively participate in working the exhibition space.

They can paste crown caps dyed silver and green to a magnetic wall and concertedly generate a distinctive pattern – play it, change it, tune it in the course of the week.

The extra: VELTINS for free throughout opening hours.

The VELTINS Design Lounge by product designers Fabian von Spreckelsen and Mathias Witte is the product of a contest initiated by the brewery C. & A. VELTINS, CONTAIN Gallery and DESIGNSPOTTER, the task being to create a lounge for the VELTINS design bottle that captures best its contemporary, urban character.

Its design combines functionality and aesthetics, being tailored to fit not only its use, but your hand, perfectly. Form follows function. Tactility and haptics are central concerns, opening up multiple dimensions of perception:

you can touch it, feel it, see it, taste it.
@ CONTAIN Gallery
Aachener Straße 29
D-50674 Cologne.


Open daily 11 a.m. - 11 p.m., Saturday 12 pm.
Varying DJ line-up every night.




CONTAIN Gallery  |  website

VELTINS  |  facebook site

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