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300++ Urban Life Culture

Cologne, March 2010

A special event took place in Cologne’s CONTAIN Art Gallery on March 23rd:  The “300++ Urban Life Culture” vernissage was a display of urban culture comprising fresh, young porcelain design, groovy music and a live graffiti performance. Cologne’s street artist Christian Böhmer aka Mr. Trash transformed the entire display window into his “canvas”.  This resulted in an absolutely unique temporary art piece and document of urban culture which gave the intension of the exhibition additional depth. 

The core of the “300++” project are ten limited interpretations of design by trademarks such as ARZBERG , FRIESLAND, GALERIA home, KAHLA, MITTERTEICH, THOMAS, VILLEROY & BOCH, WEIMAR PORZELLAN.

The 300++ limited design editions: Exclusive and limited
- The ten decors’ product line-ups contain 12-/18-piece coffee sets for four to six persons. Every article is branded with the exclusive 300++ logo. The strictly limited edition contains only 300 sets in celebration of the anniversary year. Every set is available pre-packed and may be pre-ordered at:

The exhibition is complemented by the following available design products and concepts:The comic-esque chihuahua and pug dog figurines by Uta Koloczek from Halle. The manufactured “Serie I und III” vases by Rostock’s Sandra Schmedemann. Cups and vases from the collection “Perfect-Imperfect” by Pia Pasalk from Cologne delight the visitors with their unusual interior features. Aroma-eggs and utensils from the “Foreplay” collection introduced by Katja Bremkamp. These are a perfect addition to any kitchen stimulating the senses of taste and smell on a multidimensional level.

A selection of pots and terrines from her “Christmas Edition”, a teapot with dolls legs (Dolci Lacrime) and her artificial “Pagen” collection consisting of provocative, hand-made baby figurines which serve as snack dispensers presented by Maria Volokhova from Berlin.

CONTAIN Gallery was searching for products that fit the theme “Urban Life Culture” and thereby reflected and caricatured the many positive aspects of city life in a funny, modern and somewhat absurd way. A perfect example of that is the KAETE lamp by Fremdform. The designer duo hand knit the lamp from textile cables. Llot Llov reinterpreted the outmoded macramé hanging baskets and proffers them in many trendy colours and plus sizes. Wallpaper designer Iris Maschek transforms the gallery’s walls with her graphic, monochrome wallpapers into an absolute eye catcher.

And last but not least the gallery also exhibits the works of American sculptor Frank Plant for the second time. His contribution to the exhibition is a sign made of bent piano wire that reads We should think of getting together this weekend”.

Information about the current exhibition can be found at:

THE EXHIBITION “300++ Urban Life Culture” is on display until May 31, 2010. All pieces are avaiable and orderable.







-selected design editions-
Ioanna Paraskeva

Aachener Str. 29
D - 50674 Cologne

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