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United Nude Lo Res (low resolution) is an innovative design method using computer software to automatically create design options to choose from. The first United Nude Lo Res products such as the Lo Res Shoe are available at United Nude stores worldwide.

Resolution of Design
Resolution means the amount of information per area; most commonly used to describe two-dimensional (2D) data, like images in dots per inch (DPI). The United Nude Lo Res Project is in threedimensional (3D) resolutions: each object can be described by a series of 3D points and when these are connected, triangles appear.

In a high 3D resolution (high density of points) the triangles are small and the shape appears smooth. As the 3D resolution is lowered (less density of points and therefore bigger triangles), the object becomes more and more fragmented, changing its character in the process.

Original Resolution
The Lo Res Project began two years ago. Early explorations with a new 3D scanner in the United Nude design studio, stimulated the idea, and almost as simple as an exercise from a software tutorial, the process began. The first object to be ‘Lo Res’d’ was a wine glass.

We tested the scan files in different 3D software and traced the scans manually in different 3D resolutions. From this ‘series’ of resolutions one can be chosen and used as the base for a new design.

Forward Resolution
Happy with the beautiful ‘new’ designs more and more objects went through the Lo Res procedure. The Lo Res method rapidly creates stealthy abstract design versions of any object. Some objects already Lo-Res’d include: a Shoe, a Lamborghini Countach, a Verner Pantone chair and a series of generic vodka glasses with a matching Absolut vodka bottle case. Some of these products are in the process of development.

The Future
United Nude is currently developing the Lo Res design method with INUS Technology, the makers of Rapidform software, the world’s leading reverse design software. Together with INUS Technology,

United Nude is developing software that can be applied for Lo Res and other design applications allowing users to benefit from more automated and semi-automated design.



Concept and creative direction:    Rem D Koolhaas
Head of design and team leader:  Iddo Zimmerman
Design team:                                 Amir Orbach, Ayelet Kit, Dan Hochberg, Meirav Shnaps and Frankie Sun.

About United Nude
Founded by architect Rem D Koolhaas and seventh generation shoemaker Galahad Clark, United Nude is about clear concepts, elegance and innovation. The United Nude brand is sold in over 40 countries worldwide with flagship stores in Amsterdam, Shanghai and New York.  |

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